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You did love me I loved you but we are Over What we had is no more I can't be with you Lora I'm sorry if you hate me I hope you don't I never got to meet your parents  we talked on Facebook all night before I went to the doctor and I loved it And So did You 😢 you had 2 miscarrige which I'm Really Sorry for And You live your mom dad Your step brothers and step sistters to wow That's a LOT LORA YOU HAVE THE SEXIEST VOICE I EVER HEARD I'll miss you maybe 1 day You will see me because remember Lora You don't live far from me And Neither does Steph Aww Steph I can't wait to hang out with You I'm gonna be your friend at than Later I'll be Your King I have A Present 4 You Steph it's a Hoodie that says Queen on it because your my Friend 4 now Goodbye Lora I'll Always Remember You I'm Sad because I had to leave you I'm 19 your 24 wow I've moved on I want Steph As my Queen now :)


  • Lora Your Voice is county Its Hot

    Dec 02, 2019

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