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Trigger warning: mentions of violence and death!

"Don't follow me, got it? I don't want you anymore, and I am making that crystal clear that I really don't need you anymore, nor do I want to continue our relation, let's end it's over, so please don't waste your time on me anymore" yelled Anne at Zen with her cold and chilly voice, trying her hardest to hide her tears.

Zen didn't know what he should reply, he stood there with clenched fists and expressionless face, after few minutes of thought he spoke back, "well...I don't have any other choice, do I? If you don't want to be with me anymore, I can't force you, but. . . .can I know the reason at least?"

"Sorry but No, I can't tell you anything about this except the only fact that I am breaking up with you" Anne replied still trying to held her tears back

"After all these years, where did it go wrong Anne? I was always there for you whenever you needed me, I never even took the advantage of you in anyway, I kept on protecting you from this cruel world all these years, before I loved you, I respected you, and I did all that just to experience this day? Do you really think this is fair Anne?" Asked Zen grabbing her right palm.

"I don't know, and neither do I want to know, I just want you to leave me right now, in this moment" she replied back rolling her eyes, freeing her right palm from him rudely.

Zen sighed "well...okay, good bye! Take care!" He said those last words to her and walked away trying to wipe his invisible tears.

Anne stood there like a stone until Zen was out of sight, and once he was, Anne bursted with tears which she held back for all those time. "You...yes you are responsible for all this drama Anne, it's all your fault" she kept on telling herself and continued cursing herself. "If it was not you, then he wouldn't have to be so heartbroken today, why? why is he suffering for you? He don't deserve this, it's all your fault Anne, why the hell did you have to carry this illness named cancer with you? Just why?" She kept on mumbling and sat down on the concrete street bending her knees as raindroplets fell on her cheeks and got mixed up with her tears.

On other hand, Zen....

Zen grabbed all the costly show pieces and threw them one by one breaking them on the floor

Zoey, his sister was the only one who witnessed that moment, she came running and stood infront of him until one piece hit Zoey's head and he stopped.

"ZOEY? A-Are you okay? I-I didn't mean to...I-I am really sorry" Zen said with a quivering tone, and held his head in rage sitting down on the couch nearby crying as a child.

"I am fine Zen, it's nothing, it's just a meagre bruise but it's still better than your devilish anger" Zoey replied and sat beside Zen ruffling her hand through his hair "why are you so mad today? Is everything alright?" She asked

Zen leaned on Zoey's shoulder still continuing to cry and replied her "nothing is alright sis! The love of my life, for whom I dedicated my whole ten years, and with whom I decided to spend the rest of my life left me today, what did I do wrong sis? Am I that bad?"

"Bad? Do you even know the meaning of bad? In case you don't know, it's the antonym of Zen, got it? Oh and, Anne left you? But why?" Zoey asked back

"I don't know, she only said that it's over, she didn't give me any explanation" Zen replied

"Well...if she is that much stubborn, then leave her dear, she is not worthy of you, if she's not going to put any effort in continuing your relationship,then you are not only responsible for that, got it?" She made him understand rubbing his head gentler than before and kissing his forehead

Zen nodded hugging her tightly "thanks sis, I am blessed to have you" and then pulled himself back looking at his sister's wound, "goodness, that's deep, let me get you a first aid"

Zoey nodded "okay, I'll be waiting...."

The next day...

Zen lied on his couch playing with the rubic cube, though he was not actually concentrating on the cube but he was trying to find out the possibilities behind Anne's rejection after dating him for 10 years.

And finally he came up with one. "Bingo!" he yelled. "A-N-O-T-H-E-R-G-U-Y?"

He clapped as he thought to himself, "yes! The only reason could be she found someone better than me, that's why she didn't make the reason of her moving on clear and that's the only reason she broke up with me"

He looked at his cube with an evil sight and a slight smirk on his face "sorry baby! But, I am going to ruin your life now. I loved you with everything I have, I dedicated myself to you, and you left I will make you understand how losing a loved one feels like, how losing the one you love the most feels like, I am so sorry Anne, but it's time for a sweet...REVENGE!"

Zoey, who heard everything from behind now spoke back "and what are you going to do?" with crossed arms.

Zen smirked as he grabbed the knife from their shelf "" he whispered.

"Wh-what?" She asked with her heart completely filled with fear. "Are you out of your sense?"

"No, I am completely in my sense and I know what I am saying. And my decision is I AM GOING TO KILL HER FAMILY, and...not only that, I am going to kill everyone who will come in my way, got it sis?" Zen said looking at Zoey with an evil sight

"But Zen?" Her voice was completely quacky, she put her arms down and askef in fear "bu-but you said, she lives in a house in rent and doesn't have a family"

"And I am pretty sure she lied about that as well, she probably planned all of this from the beginning, I was the fool...yes, it was me!" He said gritting his teeth

"Zen-don't rush anything, you know a single fault can ruin your whole life, please don't rush anything, calm down and think again" said Zoey.

Zen pointed the tip of the knife towards Zoey and replied "say that once again? I think I have already told you that I have decided on what to do, so you better stay out of this"

Zoey looked away from him and walked back to her room, though she didn't want her brother to do that kind of shit but she had no other option.

Zen put on his hoodie and covered his face, putting the knife in his jeans pocket, he walked out of his house and proceeded towards Anne's house where he had never been before. He waited in the alleway where they always used to meet and rested his back against the wall having no idea which house was Anne's. Not too late, people started gathering around him and started asking him questions.

Tired of all their queries, he finally asked them about the location of Anne's house without looking at them and hiding his face.

"Anne? You mean Anne Dawson? The one who lived in rent,the house where no stranger is allowed?" Asked one of the strangers from the crowd.

Zen nodded with his head still looking down, trying his best to hide his face from them.

They all pointed towards a particular building saying that's probably the one Zen is looking for.

"Okay thanks for your help" he said as he immediately proceeded towards the building.

"Hey but wait! We have something more to say" screamed a voice among the crowd causing Zen to stop his steps.

Zen sighed and asked "whatever you have to say or do, please be fast, I am in a hurry" without turning around.

"Well...are you looking for Anne? The girl who resided there?" Asked the unknown voice

Zen nodded

"But why?" They asked

"She is my girlfriend, now if you'll excuse me" Zen replied and tried to proceed again

"No wait! We're not here to charge you, but we want to tell you that the girl you are looking for, we mean Anne, she expired last night"

Zen didn't get any more worse shock than that in his entire lifetime, she immediately turned around revealing his face "wh-what?" He asked in shock

"Uhh...we're really sorry that none informed you about your girlfriend's death, and none of us really knew she had a boyfriend, otherwise we would have called you..but sorry, she is really no more!" Said an unknown man from the crowd.

Zen looked at the man with fire in his eyes, he grabbed the man by his collar and asked him gritting his teeths "what the hell are you? Blind? Or what? I met her right here almost every day, and you are saying you never saw me?"

The man tried his hardest to free himself from Zen, and after he waz successful, he breathed heavily and replied back "I know someone regularly visited her, but trust me we never saw your face, we're sorry, boy"

Zen sighed and hit himself for being unable to control his self control again, he looked up and replied "I-I am sorry"

He walked out of that place in frustration and walked into his room

"So? What happened?" Zoey asked

He threw the knife and sat down with his head buried in his head, "she...Anne...Anne passed away"

"What and how?" She asked back

"They...I mean the residents said she was having cancer from a long time, and her treatment was incomplete due to the lack of money, and so...she passed away last night"

Zoey didn't say anything, and just kept on hearing.

"How much wrong I was sis? I-I literally thought she cheated on me for another guy, but she actually tried to avoid me so that I would actually get angry on her and wouldn't have an emotional breakdown after her death, sis...she won, I lost"

That night...

"Zen? Zen?...zen? I am Anne Zen, look, here, I am Anne, and look at them...they are my family"

One by one the images crossed his mind, the image of an old lady, an old man, a middle aged lady, a middle aged man, a young boy and finally....Anne, herself.

"You saw them Zen? That's my only family, go, take your revenge, I plead you, kill them, go"

Zen woke up immediately with his heart beating at the fastest rate, he kept on breathing heavily and grabbed the jug of glass from the nearby table.

Zoey opened her eyelids slowly and sat up on the bed, looking at the huffing Zen "Zen, why are you up? It's 3 in the morning" she asked looking at Zen with narrowed lids.

Zen lied back pulling his blanket over him covering his whole face and not speaking anything for the rest of the night.

Zoey also lied back wondering what his brother is upto.

Next morning...

After Zoey woke up,she searched for Zen in every corner of her house...but in vain!

"ANNE...I AM HERE! OPEN THE DOOR!" Zen yelled infront of the huge building he was shown by the residents the other day.

But no answer came from that house. But, Zen didn't give up, he walked forward and stopped infront of another building which lied behind 'that' building.

Zen was about to yell again in the hope of getting a response, but he stopped when he spotted Anne standing in the terrace of the building behind staring intensely at him, but only her face was properly visible, the rest of the body was hidden behind the wall guide.

For a moment, he forgot everything else, he was mesmerised by her beauty, not only her outer one, but also by her inner beauty. He dropped the knife and kept on staring at her as a drop of tear shined in the corner of his eye. He didn't take off his eyes of her, as it felt like he got back all that he lost,and kept staring at her until she rolled her eyes and walked in the house disappearing from his sight.

Zen kept on staring at that spot even after she disappeared into the house, for a while Zen forgot everything else...but he came back to his senses once he spotted the knife lying on the ground. He was immediately snapped out of his thoughts, he grabbed the knife and checked the sharpness of the tip,he held it stronger as the teardrop shining in the corner of his eye rolled down through his cheek.

He remembered about that dream he saw last night and wiped off the tear proceeding towards the other building.

Fortunately, he didn't have to knock, he pushed it gently and the entrance was clear for him, he enntered tiptoing and spotted the old lady first, he walked forward straight towards her and stabbed her from the back.

One by one, all of them, except Anne arrived at the scene and tried to rescue each other, but...Zen won, he succeded in killing all of them.

After he was done with his job, he tried to wipe off the blood vain

"Removing blood stains are inevitable, you know?" Said a female voice

Zen turned back to find out it was none other than Anne, he dropped that bloody knife and stared at her, he said nothing but just whispered "are you happy now Anne?"

The girl smiled and looked up at him "I don't know who you are talking about but I am not Anne"

All the excitement, also the broad smile faded, he grabbed the knife back and pointed towards her "then who the hell are you?" Asked Zen

"Calm down and put that down, I am Sarah, and not Anne" said the girl

"Sarah?" He asked in confusion putting the knife back

She sighed and replied "yeah, Sarah, well...I don't really know if this name has any meaning or any role my life...this is the first time in my whole lifetime, I can use my name for something.

"Excuse me, I am least interested in your personal life, just tell me who are you and why do you look like Anne?" He replied

"We look alike probably because nature wanted us to be...well, it's my in laws' blind belief that a girl can't have her own identity, she must live as society wants her to live, so...society mistook me as Anne, and I didn't correct them" Sarah said.

"But, I have never seen you before here" Said Zen.

"You have! You have seen me here a thousand times, but you mistook me as Anne" she said chuckling.

"So,it's true that Anne died from cancer? I thought it was fak.."

"Yeah, it's true, well, now don't ask why none in this colony knows us, just see the position of this house, it's impossible for someone to even find out this" she said him laughing.

", I don't know why you killed them and neither do I want to know...I just want your help" said Sarah grabbing Zen's bloody hands.

"Help? But I literally killed your innocent family, why are you not mad at me?" Asked Zen

"Yes, help me! Look down" she replied

Zen looked down and discovered Sarah's caring hands on her baby bump, which he didn't notice all these time

" are married? And I-I killed your husband?"he asked in astonishment looking up at her. He kneeled down and sat brushing his hand on her baby bump slightly touching it with his head "I-I am sorry baby, please forgive this sinner for taking away your dad from you" Zen said as tears rolled down.

Sarah grabbed his shoulders and made him stand up, she grabbed her hands and said "just be with me until this baby's delivery and then you will know why you didn't do anything wrong by killing my husband".

Zen supported Sarah, helped her and truly, fell in love a little as well with her in that one week and always was there...available for her whenever she needed him.

Finally, the day of delivery arrived and she was immediately taken to the hospital and all the arrangements were done by Zen himself with some other natives who was shocked to know about her real identity, but that definitely was not the right time to express their surprise!

After her delivery was done, the doctor congratulated Zen telling him that she gave birth to a baby girl. Zen thanked the doctor and walked in the OT to take a look at the baby girl's innocent face.

He entered smiling and looked at the baby's face, but his smile immediately faded after observing that the face completely resembles Anne's baby face. His first thought was "she probably looks like that because of her biological mother, because Sarah looks like that"

But his second thought completely differed from the first one. He thought probably she came back to take revenge for distrusting her or probably because she is reborn in the lap of Sarah,her family was now the one who he killed, so nature gave him an oppurtunity to take his sweet revenge for breaking his trust, but then again remembered, Anne was suffering from Cancer, so she didn't break his trust, nor did she do anything wrong, and kept on imagining about various possibilities.

But he was immediately snapped out of his thoughts as Sarah grabbed his palm. He looked back at Sarah and found her smiling at him.

"Thank you Zen" she said him with tears accompanying her emotions.

Zen sat near her taking her hands back "Now tell me why did I not commit a sin by killing them?" He asked

"Because those demons were planning abortion,they said if there's a baby girl in my womb then they don't want her and I overheard them, I had none to share my feelings with, so I wrote a letter and was going to suicide, but Anne stopped me, she told me she found the letter on the ground and then heard my whole story, but she was unhappy because she was herself suffering from cancer and couldn't help me, though she wanted to"

Zen smiled a little and murmured "now it makes sense" to himself and looked up at her

"What?" Sarah asked

"It's nothing" Zen replied and spoke back "well...then I must say I saved an innocent life, but still I committed a sin"

Sarah smiled back "no! You did the right thing, maybe in the wrong way, but still it is the right thing. I am glad that persons like them doesn't exist here anymore, otherwise thousands of girls would be killed in future before their birth...oh btw, there's Mr. and Mrs. John, we'll hand over Anne to them"

"Anne? Who's that? And who are they?" Asked Zen

"I decided to name my child after Anne and yes they are the couple who are in need of babies, so I want to hand over her to them" Sarah replied

"But why? What about you?" Zen asked

"I have none in this earth, I am all alone, none is my own people. So...why should I survive? I want you to just kill me after she's safe in Mr. And Mrs. John's hands" Sarah replied.

Zen nodded.

After a week...

Anne was safely handed over to the responsible couple, and once she was safe in their hands, Zen and Sarah ran into the forest with 'that' knife, Sarah stood their waiting for him to get over with that murder. Zen stepped closer and stabbed it in her. Once her soul left her body, he looked up and tears rolled down, she looked back towards the ground, "good bye world" he whispered and stabbed himself in the chest, and passed away with his last words "I love you Anne...I love you Sarah...hope we'll meet again in our next birth" and died peacefully with a faded soft smile on his lips.


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