To My Queen Read Count : 20

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
I Love You My Queen
I Serve You My Queen 
I Live For you 
I'll Risk my Life For You 
I'll Protect You even if it costs me. My Life 
I'll Never Leave You 
I'll be by Your side Always 
I'll Always Have Your back 
I'll Always be your soul mate 
I'll Always be your King 
I'll Always Love You 
You will always Be My Queen 
And I Love you 😍😘😀😄


  • Dustin Ryan Bliss

    Dustin Ryan Bliss

    This is my words i say to you My Queen true Words I Say to you my Queen Ily :)😍😘😃😄😀

    Dec 01, 2019

  • let me guess steph, right? lol

    Dec 01, 2019

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