TROPHY GIRL Read Count : 16

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : Biography
Just as fishes don’t bargain to be trapped by hooks...
Humans also do not choose or design their own looks
Facial Symmetry they say is the yardstick for good-looks
Flawlessly embellished, the source of your charms seem missing in all books

Allow the warmth of my left palm curl through the soothing feel of your nape...
Let me connect to the spoken words of your heart Just as our silent eyes interact...
And my ears eavesdrop through the windows of those eyes 
Whilst my imagination lean around your eyelids like a window pane.....

Shield my good intent around the arch of your thick brows
And my unwounded affection around the tenderness of your arm hair
Allow me compliment the shape of your lips for they conceal the worth of your perfect dentition.

Just before I go out of proportion, never let anyone make you seem less for you’re a TROPHY from the order of Heaven.


  • Dec 01, 2019

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