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On my 13th reset
Gotta get up on shit
Oh shit, oh shit you broke
Then youz a bitch
Fuck this, fuck that
Pull a rabbit out tha hat
Get this, get that
Playing  ball got that bat
Im a hitter that can switch hit
Watch me broke tomorrow be rich
Everyday rainy days
heart full of belief rainy days well go away
Tomorrow well be beginning of sunny days
If I had it my way
Trying to make my way
So many obstacles, in my way
Clear the way, out my way
Coming through, my way
I'm out my mind
Yeah I said it another time
Think I'm lost in my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
The God in me is  trying  to manifest
Accomplishing goals of rooted dreams
Psychosis haters calling it
I ain't falling for it
I well not forfeit 
Reaching  for the stars
Graunteed to reach the sky
Watch me go for it..

You fuckboy bitch snitch..jk 


  • k, cool

    Dec 01, 2019

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