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When you go through hell, keep going

Every breath can be a war. With every breath your throat were tied up. With every step you take, you were pressed down to earth. Around you, you only see white flare. You can't understand, what you hear. It's way too loud. You feel like you were on a carousel, or in a dream. You don't know what is real. 
All the people around you act so strange like robots. Not real. Their eyes seemes dead. An empty body without soul, control remote.
It's so scary. You look on your handy. They're strange too. So strange. It can't be your hands. This aren't you. No! This world can't be real. 
You don't belong in this world. Your soul is taken piece by piece. You don't feel anything anymore. You just feel like you're already dead...

But you have to keep going. Show this world that it have no power over you, it can't bring you down. Keep on smiling, keep in going through this hell like a soldier and never give up. Bei stronger than this hell. Stay strong


  • Dec 01, 2019

  • Dec 01, 2019

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