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After several days of high anxiety and sleeplessness I went to my boyfriend's house and slept there. This time the setting was a house in the woods with some random people.

There was the forced sex and the shameful feeling the feeling of hatred and disgust as a man pisses on me and shoves his penis into my mouth. I'm horrified I remain calm and they allow me to be free I begin to hit and beat on the man "he just laughs and he says oh yes yes! I grabbed this big dildo and I said I'm going to rape you the way you raped me he turns his back to me and postures on his knees. Obviously he is loving my Outburst my show of emotion. That is what they want.  To know that you have been reached.  Hurt ,made to lose self-control, thereby losing the battle.
Standing by the side of the bunk bed
There was a being, she  looked almost like a young girl only she was not a human she was blackish gray with shiny skin and eyes, I found her almost attractive. She is trying to touch me , she's trying to seduce me. I am resisting her and refusing her. She touches me... and when she does I feel an icy cold chill moving up my body from her touch . It was  strange how she just keept on me. I tell her where I am from this is not right this is not okay!  then everything Fades out. 

The next thing I remember I'm looking for a bathroom, I have to go urgently, before I can reach the toilet I feel warm liquid running down my inner legs and onto my feet.
There's another young woman she is in the same way I am.
I think that I peed on myself and I remember trying  to wake myself up thinking so,  of course this was not possible, I could not wake up.
 My body was shaking , and the pain!
there was so much pain!   I felt the urge to push and I did, it all happened real fast sort of and the other girl she was in pain also.  I pushed hard and out from between my legs came an egg-shaped clearish yellow/white object.  An egg Sac I think, or birth sack of some sort. The other girl did the same only seconds after I did.
 We put the things into the bathtub where we sat on the edge.
As we did so the Skins popped open and revealed these horrible things!
They were both something terrible!   They look like somebody had cut up a baby and an adult shook up the parts and glued them back together in a ball.
The parts were all over and wrong. The mouth had full set of adult teeth, there were fingers and toes coming out of the head and face. I said we have to kill them! 
 we have to kill these. ... Now!...
 But , there were sirens , and sounds,  and flashing lights... 
We ran...
she scooped the baby things into a hamper,  and we ran.  From what I perceived to be the cops.
When we found a house the lady let us inside.   We tried to explain that we needed to hide, she seemed to understand. She was black, and pretty with several young girls of her own looking at us from the front porch.   Then I heard as clear as the daytime  A baby crying.  In my conscious, subconscious, and dream conscious I know I heard the baby cry.
 The woman lifted the lid of the hamper and exclaims,  will why did you cut them all into pieces?! And I say no!  no !me,  we,  I ...I   did not do that!   
 We did not do that!
Suddenly my eyes are trying to focus.  I remember watching the colored flashing lights moving on the bedroom wall,  and the other lights. Like a car was pulling away from the window. Only there was no way for a car to reach that window! I lay frozen stiff scared just realizing that I was waking and fucking scared to death.

My arms and legs and head won't move I don't even try I can feel the pressure in and on my body my back my joints begin to hurt. as my eyes are still trying to focus  the lights on the wall fade and the Shadows stop moving. 
I try again to move my arm and poke at my boyfriend I grabbed him hit him on his leg his body feels strange and I keep pushing into his leg  with my fingers I'm trying hard to wake him but there's no response, not one single response. I poked him again real hard he felt strange like he wasn't even alive.  a
As my head came back and my body could move again he also began to return 2 a  state of consciousness.
 The next morning I mentioned the lights and the fact that I had been taken again, and he did not seem bothered or surprised in the least. He just said yeahthe lights are not bad though and we did not mention it anymore.

Afterwards I observed an increase in my moodiness always tired and just around the time that that occurs I have abdominal pains and extreme feelings of fear anxiety and sadness. Sometimes crying uncontrollably sleeplessness pale skin dark circles under my eyes, glossy glazed over  for almost a week. The end.

New dream 12 nine 14

There are caves underground Mexico in the train with cars and tunnels are Subterranean some type of battle. I have people had to protect a small group seemingly entertainers dancer types beautiful dark skin and ornate women. 7 men and a girl a small girl oh, she was most important and I was there to take care of her. She played as you read about the train cars and when I could not see her I called her my Leah milia! And she ran to me and hug me the battle is over our group was safe for the moment. There was also something about an old book I saw it it was large and brown leather bound some other things that people wanted and we're looking to find also I remember a t-18 equals at 18? A, T, 8, 1?

At equals 808 equals 16 equals 7


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