She Dared Him. Read Count : 12

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She built a wall around her heart and deared him to break through.
He may try throwing stones but this wall isn't made of glass.
He could huff and puff,I'm sorry love but she isn't like the little piggy that built it's house with straw.
He may even try to be sneaky and climb the walls to get to the chimney.
Well the jokes on him, dummy...this is a wall not a house.
This wall has no windows,doors or even a chimney.

Then "he" came along....and with words he brought down every brick.
Not just the regular cheesy words she was used to hearing,like "Hello", "you look ravishing today" or "the sparkle in your eyes just light up my day".
But words,real words.
He said "I wrote a poem about your wall today,would you like to hear it?"
And with each syllable that fell from his lips she could feel the bricks fall.
He spoke of her hurt,her pain, and her innocence that were stolen.
Till at last the wall came crashing down.
And suddenly the heart was bare,its fortress gone.
But he still did not claim his prize like a conquer that had slayed the dragon.
Instead he took her fragile heart and nursed it be loving,to be beautiful,to be whole once again.


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautifully written imaginative and sweet Good to see a happy ending

    Nov 17, 2019

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