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The more you give the more you hope 
You balance longer as you go 
Relationships are like a tightrope 
If there’s a slip it can be over before you know 

Unlike the rope there’s no safety net 
When you fall it is terriblely hard 
if you gave it your all and now you must crawl
For the  split caught you completely off guard

There Is really no defense for an issue like 
There are so many victims in this scenario 
A meaningful relationship may start with s kiss
But end like you’re shot with an arrow 
The blow can last for a very long time
Piercing you heart to your marrow

 When expectations run high and life is so grand
all the things you had planned been crushed 
When hindsight moves in thinking back where your needs made you rush

We say don’t go too fast if you hope it will last but anxiety can hasten that blow 
With any romance there is always a chance 
that the turns may not be what you wish 

If caution is used so you won’t be abused
You may want to know more about him
If you study your actions ignore the distractions you might have a way different 

Whatever  is done this is no fun but 
protecting yourself should come first 
You can minimize the damage by thinking ahead
 Not to get swayed by the romance


  • Nov 17, 2019

  • G Virgo

    G Virgo


    Nov 17, 2019

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