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Thoughts inside my head

Keep me busy all the time.

Feelings I am unable to confidently

Bring to focus.

Pain im unsure of

Happy I can't really get

Sadness seems constant

Understanding I doubt I can.

When I cry I can not see the reason why

Most of the time I assume is caused by pain and that makes the tears other times I believe it's me pitying me

Told way to often forcibly repeated loudly in my face I do not have feelings, I have no heart, with no soul to keep me from the dark.

Lack of self-awareness has me believing these things even when society tells me no one knows but me.

I' m almost positive I wouldn't know if they were true or false therefore I hear it enough from more then one I cant not believe it.

Those that tell me society claims are doing it on purpose to take me down and make me suffer or they are to blind to understand my lacking so many and hoe little things affect me.

The conclusion is still in the distant future

holding on by strings that are unable to keep holding my doubts

My arms are tired of my lack to learn what I should already know

My brain hates me my body giving up and I'm just fighting to hang on


  • Nov 17, 2019

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