Mystic Creatures: War Of The Angels- Attack Read Count : 62

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Kenzie and Ace caught up with each other.

"How's royalty treating you?" Ace asked looking around.
"Good I guess." Kenzie answered looking down at the floor.
"You guess?" Ace questioned lifting her head up, "you are part of one of the richest families in the Eldorda."
"But who am I supposed to enjoy it with. Before my so called husband died he would spend more time messing around than being with me." Silence fell. A few moments later a loud rumble erupted. Ace and Kenzie raced outside; Hazel followed behind them moments later.

Hoards of Demons were marching in, guns in their hands. Ace eyes widen in anger and hate. Hazel looked over at him, "Ace calm down." Kenzie looked at Hazel then Ace. Ace walked down to the town; Hazel stopped Kenzie, "It's safer if you stayed here."

Ace transformed into his Angel half. He went in and fought the hoards of Demon Soldiers.
"Let's begin," Ace commented charging in.

The fight was big and destructive. Bodies were being dropped by the dozen. Homes were being demolished. Thousands homeless; evacuating to the castle. Hazel and Kenzie tended to the injured who was in the crossfire. After the attack a Dark Angel appeared, flying in the air looking down on Ace. They both stared at one another. The Dark Angel vanished.

"Who set this up?" Kenzie asked.
"A Dark Angel." Ace answered waiting for Hazel to finish treating his bruises.
"Dark Angel?" Kenzie asked.
"You think its Jackson," Hazel suggested sitting next to Ace. He nodded his head. Hazel shook hers in disappointment.

"We need to go, I need to unlock my other abilities." Ace got up.
"Alright," Hazel said following.
"I'm coming with you!" Kenzie informed them.
"You need to rule the kingdom." Hazel quickly imputed.
"My ex-husbands sister will take my place." Kenzie said grabbing a bag.
"Alright let's go." Ace walked off. Kenzie and Hazel followed behind.

They walked over to the Kingdom of Dragons to see an old lady.


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