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let me tell you story that never grows old. 
about our mother that seldom been told. 
we all have taken her for granted for to long. 
she is the reason we all exist, 
she feeds us and give us shelter to find.
from the wind and the driving rain.
 but all we ever do is give her pain. 
like spoil ungrateful child we still remain.
 instead of taking care of her in her old age, 
we are still robbing and pillaging from her all the same. 
polluting her oceans and pissing her streams, 
it is a truly awonder that we cant hear her scream.
 even mountain tops will trimble with her rage.
 but when its unleashed. 
Her fury has been felt from Puerto Rico to to thunder bay . 
from down in depths of our Mother Earth death shall be felt. 
And Slowly as she dies we will still be surprised. 
even after our deeds. 
Of abused and misused her for our own greed. 
Instead of the good stewards of the earth. 
That has given us a place for our birth.
 we allowed our selves to become its blight Consuming all in sight.


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