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Pd Riley

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Ch 1

Dj sit bolt straight in his sleeping bag what was that , looking Round the see if any of the others heard that. But know one else's sleep seemed disturbed he lay back down and tryed to listen over the snores and flatulence clouding the air ways of the tiny cabin. 
They had hiked all-day for the last three days over half way through the wilderness survival training.
Trying not to breath to deeply Dj listen for what had woke him it had sounded like a howl right on the other side of the wall of the tar paper shack him and summer camp new Bros now slept.
Just starting to relax thinking sack on the story the native trainer And hiking guide told them around the fire. Casey asked him a bout the windigo.
At first he said no that that story would draw the spirits attention and could draw evil spirits. But Clare pressed at least tell us where they come from.
He sighed ok , long ago before his  their people became nomadic the lived in great communities not little villages.  But there where many other some that could take on the shape of there spirit animals at will. They were so in tune with nature. They could pass on these ablitie so to others they choose. 
There was even those who could choose there from any creature in existents but they where dabbling in some darker force and the stayed in the form to often or to long. a blood lust would over take them  and beast form would become preminent  they would become the most fierce humun blood thirsty. This is what scatter the tribes of the ancients. 
Abe asked "so did all the shape shifters turn in to windigos " know said the old man they guard the world from the windigos they where held responsible by tribes of old that remained for share there gifts with those that would do evil.It is said that they search for only purest of heart are offered there gifts.
Finally drifting back in to sleep the howl a little further way this time sound like it might be towards the girls cabin at least they had real walls he thought as a second howl answered the first so close the vibrations of it rang through him .
Then the sharp shearing scresms from the .......,.......
Girls cabin that's the story he would tell if he could survive the choas in the darkness . Screams slashed the silences a company multitudes howls and of sharp fangs glinting in the faded fire light Amber's casting a soft glow in terror unfolding in the stillness of the moonlight night.
Aroma of blood fill the air a would be slaughter but for some unseen reason mercy was granted all bitten but none fatal. In the aftermath of the attack none taking the time to marvel at this fact for only panic insued .
Not until the break of day would they realize when wound where cleaned that only tiny scratches would remain out near fatal wounds. And the destoried cabins with the powerful slash marks left beams the cabins wall 
The girls cabin door ripped off its hinges.
Later councilors would claim mass hysteria brought on. By a story told by our native guide.
But that where there knew it was real. And in a month time they would know the native legend there guide had told them where also true.


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