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Magic is loads of things 
Quite a few indeed 
Especially when birds sing
Magic can big, or as small as a seed 

Magic can be tricks
That make you questioning 
Magic can be not when you turned 7, but maybe when you turned 6
And what tricks can also be is facinating and intriguing 

Magic can be love
Some people think it's yucky
Magic can be coming from down or above
Again some people think love is mucky
Magic can sometimes be your foe
Magic is not always the best of times 
When you are a bit low
Magic for fact can even be preformed by mimes 

Magic can be multi-emotional 
Magic can be funny 
Magic for fact cannot be potional
Magic can give you butterflies in your tummy


  • Nov 16, 2019

  • Nov 17, 2019

  • Nov 17, 2019

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