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This years rains were not  like every year Maharashtra faced crisis this year so many people lost their houses and  many animals died   after Sangli Solapur and Kolhapur pune faced the attack of rains   but   more than the water gushing on the streets  their was guilt washing over me dad caught me with him on 21 september 2019   I  was  actually in love madly totally in love we were meeting every single day since the friendship day . There is something between uss more than my urges to cuddle him everytime I see him. something we both are denying but the people around uss see clearly .  25 september my  school friends father was in the ICU in the Global hospital  . She had drastically lost her weight and  the lady on the consecutive  bench lost her husband   life doesnot stop after someone leaves but it probably changes  .I meet him at 7:00 pm near the hospital I told him about the instance which happend at  the hospital  . He said thats why  he didnt come inside 
 the hospital the only wish I ask from god is to die  free  on my own bed  he exclaimed every moment he proved that he was different he was a sorted person unlike me I have been a over thinker every moment I get I keep on thinking  and these days my mind is transfixed on his thoughts 24 /7 he stays on my  mind . That night was not ordinary at 8 pm we reached taljai tekdi we were walking And I saw a cow I asked him to capture my photo with it the folks there were so nice to uss  poor people know generosity we were walking and I was telling him about my aunty and uncles   experiance when they had  went to jejuri uncle said he had  climbed fifteen steps holding aunty in  his arms only five aunty corrected dont brag infront of the kids  . Now you have become such a fat calf  I wont be able  to even climb five steps  .uncle bursted out  laughing and Aunty gave him an outrageing sigh we will also go there I said with an enthusiastic smile  yes we will he said in his forever dusky accent  . He picked me upp and started walking and said  ( asa uchaltat) this is  the way they pick their wifes . ( jadi mahiss) fat calf  .I aint heavy I said with a puppy face my bunny he said blushing . It started raining very heavly we went under the  tress he hugged me my jacket  we  were all wet  wet as hell I was shivering he tightend his grip over me  we were close real close   . We were wet both inside out  does that inside out needs an explanation the rain didnt stop . We got out of taljai we found a place to sit  it was a dosa tapri can you imagine something more adventurous we  were sitting  on that dosa tapri from 11 . 00 am to morning 6.00 am lwhat did we do whole night  we talked we talked as if there will be no tommorow  . He: Tell me some of your fantasies .
Me : I want some guy to dance for me wearing a red colour saree . 
He :someone will  .
Me : Will you 
He: If it will make you happy sure I wont have to do it infront of whole world  I aint ashamed of you .next
Me: I want someone to make an omlet for me at 3 :00 am .
He : You dont like egg and you want someone to make   omlet hillarious .
Me: What else he could make ?
He: alot of things .
Me:what can you make ?
He: pasta maggie coffee bournvita .
Me:well .
He : Stop kidding and tell your real fantasy .
Me : I want to capture reflection of moon in the river or lake I love too be around water  .
He:You can do it just need a good camera  this was your best fantasy .
Me : Tell me your fantasy .
He:I have many bunjijumping sky diving Fantasy means desires we want to fullfill in our lives right .
He : tell me your dreams .
Me :I want to become  a well known writer .
He :You are a writer already you just need a platform  .I have words you have potential to write  .
Me:Are you comfartable sitting on this  .
He: Yes you .
Me: back is acheing  .
 I kept my head on his thigh it was so comfartable .
He was not wearing his shirt  his shirt was all wet I was felling freaking shy  I was stareing at him he was stareing at me he kissed my hand and said you smell so nice I can kiss your hand whole night he stuck to his words he kissed me nemurable times  . Well if you are wondering that our families are so liberal that we didnt even get one single message then let me make it clear his brother was mad but he  managed then he just clicked our picture and sent it to his bigb  . His brother was concerned wether he had food but my sister was concerned with whom I was roaming at the odd hour . Being a woman a mans  bike was not getting started my knight in shineing armour went to help  .his height is his biggest advantange  well why not he can see  things before those come in my gaze the man was so frustrated and upset he was telling everyone that the road was jam due to the rains still people were going that way and returning back regretting why doesnot anyone trust me he graoned  its ok  brother people are that way we cant help he consoled that man and came back to me we started snapping and sending streak to people  pune is drowned aswell we captioned it this years long lasting rains I swear .for our surprise the owner of the tapri came  .this is my stall get upp you two . Trust uss we wont do anything of that sort let uss stay here for a while and we will go .promise you wont do anything .
(Kharach oo kaka ) Yes we swear then ok 
See that mouse its drowning poor lad ill bring him the mouse ran away after seeing him idiot you are more scary than the rains .
He :You know their are two types  of people in the world one say the mouse will die second say the mouse will get a reincarnation  .
Me:I didnt knew you were so much philosophicall I streched my pants to my thigs to make them short and then I ran on the street as ussual I wanted to do some mischeive it was five when the hens started to do their cockadoodle doo  . It was 5:00 am in the morning and I was wondering how I just managed to spend the whole night without a blanket without sleeping  . And without eating aswell I was hungry like a dog without bone  he saw a stall and orderd poha I dont like peanuts I had put all of the peanuts in his plates he was devoring them  his constant line . I dont specifically like it but yet I eat it  it he can eat anything and  everything including me significantly  .  I  reached to my home at seven in the morning he left me at the entrance gate of the biulding   He:  Did you open the door .
Me : Not yet .
He:come back .
Me: coming .
I could not get him I mean from  25 septembers evening we were together still he was not satisfied  .   We snapped some pictures and then I droped him at the bus stop and came back to my place the next day all we did was sleeping .  



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    Tayah Greetan M T

    I Loved This It Was Sad And Beatiful You Should be Proud

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