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  There are many different types of words that can be brought out to explain it all...
    What is light?this is the spoken word of the Lord that shows proper direction and indications. 
 The main emphasis of light is basically the presence of God alive.
  Paul was a man that used to kill God's people,he was feared by all but a time came when christ wanted to do a thing in his life that we saw him being transformed .
 God's love is unconditional no matter what wrongs you might have done he still loves and cares for you all that he wants is for you to open up and atleast give away all about yourself.
 You are the exemplary person that is looked at to bring change and transformation to others through you call and the ability you have to do certain things God is looking up to you.
  Let not you past mistakes give you doubt for the future ahead of you but rather be the step stone to your great heights. 
  To every fall there is a rise and to every dim there is a light spot take up the cross and push High the work of the lord


  • Nov 16, 2019

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