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Rain hit hard on the floating town of SS Blu. The only ones out were Rain Collectors and Fishermen. A girl and boy were on the Rain Collectors. Brother and sisters.

"Ame!" Yelled the boy, "Ame!?
"Yes big brother?" Ame anserwed coming down from the steel mast.
"Why the hell were you up there?" He whispered looking around.
"I saw a bird."
"Ame, that's too dangerous!"
"But Kuma..." Ame whined.
"Kuma! Ame!" Yelled a deep voice, scaring the little girl.
"What are your lazy halfpints doing standing around!" Yelled the man.

Kuma pulled Ame behind him, "We're done early.." He lied. The man stared at him, disbelief written across his face. Kuma told Ame to go home. The man grabbed Kuma and dragged him to his office.

"Mommy, Kuma got in trouble again protecting me..." Ame cried a little.
"Sweety, its okay." Her mom reassured her.

Kuma was punched in the stomach and thrown to the floor. The man circled him; kicking him and very few steps. Kuma groaned in pain. Thoughts going around his head. He was grabbed by the collar and pinned up against the wall. Kuma looked down, not daring to look into the old mans eyes. The man stared him down. "Lies."

"I feel like a bad sister." Ame cried.
"Don't feel bad sweety, Kuma loves you a lot. He does this so you don't get boated." Ame's mom reassured her again.

"You lying bastard!" Yelled the man.
"Me lie? Please." Kuma chuckled in pain.
"You think this a joke you worthless pint?" The man roared.
"The way your face looks, yeah," Kuma joked. The man let Kuma go.

Kuma came home late. He hugged Ame and whipped the tears from her eyes. He looked over at his mom and saw a look in her eyes. He nodded his head, "Let's gobAme, bedtime." Kuma came back 30 minutes later. He sat at the dinner table waiting for his mom.

"Kuma, they're going to find out soon, about Ame.." Kuma's mom started.
"Mom, they won't find out." Kuma stated holding her hand, " as long as I'm here."
"Remember the kid who attempted to use his S move?" Kuma brought up, "I'll ask him for help."

Ame got out of bed, she snuck to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"How many types are there again?" The mom asked, ready to write it down.
"Strongest to weakest." He paused," Z move, A move, S move, C move, B move, and finally E move."
"Alright..." She hesitated.
"What's wrong mom," Kuma asked.
"You know your dad was one them." She paused, "he was boated off, but being the strongest here; they killed him.."

Ame started to tear up. When a squeal escaped her mouth she quickly dashed back to her bed.

Rest of the night it was silence.

"Fuck you!" Yelled the man to an employee, "I can have your sorry ass carcas boated. Left to die!"
"Sir I'm sorry," a lady pleaded.
"Get the fuck out of my face slut!"

News went around of the out rage. Later that day Kuma went by and fought the man.

"The hell is wrong with you!" The old man yelled grabbing Kuma and slamming him into a desk. Kuma kicked the man off. They wrestled around until officers came.

"What in the world is going on!" Yelled the officer.
"The damn kid fucking attacked me!" Yelled the man hiding behind the officer.
"Asshole here yelled at an innocent lady for no damn reason!" Kuma defended himself getting up. They were both sent to court.

Ame and her mother waited at home for Kuma to return.

"I'm being boated." Kuma said walking into the house.
"No.." Their mom cried.
"Boated?" Ame asked.

Kuma hugged them both and went to pack what he could.

"I love you guys," Kuma waved goodbye.

Kuma walked towards the deck, but was stopped by person in black.

"Get on the boat then sail behind the SS Blu. Got it," the person in black.

Kuma got on the boat. He sailed behind the ship and met up with the person who told him too.
"Who are you?" Kuma asked slowly walking up the them.
"Inu Hashigun." He answered.
"For real!" Kuma eyes widen. Inu nodded his head. They talked for hours before meeting up with Kitsune.

"Listen, we're setting up a rebellion against the Blu Sea." Inu informed Kuma. Kuma thought about it. He nodded his head, "Fuck yes!" Inu smiled.

"Tattoo time!"

Kuma received a purple letter capitalized B with its tail crossing through it. Inu, Kitsune, and Kuma smiled and took a picture with their tattoos showing.

The start of the Blu Revolt.


  • Kiwi The RainWing

    Kiwi The RainWing

    this is good so far , keep up the good work! 👌👍

    Nov 16, 2019

  • this is incredible and interesting keep up the great amazing work💼

    Nov 17, 2019

  • Nov 17, 2019

  • Tayah Greetan M T

    Tayah Greetan M T

    it is kinda weird Keep it up.

    Nov 17, 2019

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