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 I am J-Ivy but my real name is jayivie I'm 11 years old. I am a hip-hop rapper and pop Singer I have beef with people well it's more like they got beef with me . I don't argue with people that made a 56% on their test they use a excuse when they say "try your best" . I don't care about bullies I want to say their names like khalihah, zarianna, and Joseph and more . But I didn't want to write this book to talk down on people I just want to tell my truth about my life I still have respect all the people I name and if you are one of the names I name , but you are not in the 5th grade in South side elementary I'm not talking about you! Now let's get to my life . I was born on April 27 2008 I was born as Jayivie kerrion Carroll but when I became a hip-hop &pop artist I changed it to J-Ivy it was better for my fans and even my school to pronounce. So I just changed it to make it easier. My favorite artists are Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake and Cardi now don't ask me Nicki or cardi because most likely it will be Nicki. I always listen to her every day and I listen to all her music since 2004 - 2019 . My career started back in 2014 but not as a solo artist. I was doing background volcals for unreleased groups like the Carroll girz (They are my cousins Chelsie and Aleece). In 2015 i quit doing background vocals and stay being a solo artist. In 2017 I  released my two mixtapes they are called Beam up and red blood they didn't do well. In 2018 I drped two more mixtapes they were called devil and the deamon and another one they were just freestyles as well they didn't do well either so I tried something new I stoped doing freestyles & and start making my own beats. In 2020 I'm planning on dropping my new album with beats , collaboration , and my own beats and have a couple million sales. I had my daddy in &out he prison right now getting ready to leave next year nothing ain't going to change though so I wish him well. My mom mom is my back bone . My grandma passed may she rest in peace and love to My grandpa for being so strong in it all.


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