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I knew the day we met
That day were close to my heart
I know you scolded by your mother
Because of me 
What would I do, you were bothering me 
When we were in 3rd class
 i came to your house
We were very young
We loved to annoy each other
I felt so bad when your mother scolded you 
But i still remember after that
You make your gestures pointing at me and cashew almonda to follow me 
I miss that day so much 
I grew up with your memories
 but you forgot me
I am still waiting for you
And i am sure you will come
My love us true for you 
And I believe on my love 
Although you are my crush from the day we met
 whether it's our childhood but my love for you is getting more powerful from that day 
I belive you are mine forever 
I hope and wish u will come 


  • Jessika Chase

    Jessika Chase

    Thats sweet

    Nov 15, 2019

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