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You spend all time doing for others 
Your mother-father and your two brothers  
Even the dog who eats like a hog 
You’re not even the oldest or the boldest 
You’re even a girl whatever that means
They have you wearing dresses - no jeans
Despite all your crying and occasional 
You tell them there’s no point in being alive
They think they’re living in nineteen fiftyfive
You are fourteen only a kid  you’re not twenty one 
Why don’t they realize what they have done You wish you could leave but there’s no place to go 
You feel like an animal stuck in the snow 
You’re legally trapped because of your age 
You have to be patient until the next stage When you are old enough to leave this pure hell
You hope you will find a way to live weli
In the meantime there’s a way to survive 
To inject  some pleasure to keep your spirit
Speak to your friends when you are at school 
Especially the ones that you think are so cool 
It may help  to get relief on those days 
Before you go back to the  family craze


  • Nov 15, 2019

  • Nov 15, 2019

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