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I woke up in the morning with blurry vision, then I remembered 'glasses'.

So, I reached my shelf, but feels a drawer instead.

"Huh?" I asked, then turns around, and gets out of her bed.

As I tried to get out of my bed, my foot got tangled by my covers, and I fell on the ground.

"Uh!" I groaned.

After that, I looked up with my face upside down and blurry vision I saw a giant shelf, and says "Huh? I must've forgotten that I redecorated the room".

Then, I heard my bedroom door open, and a voice says "Mistress, are you okay? I heard a thump".

'Mistress? Who? Who is this?' I thought, upside down.

Before I could say anything, the person that I heard reach up to the shelf, puts me right side up, and put my glasses on my face.

"There. Is that better, mister?" wondered the person.

As my vision cleared, I saw the person is a woman who has long curly hair, wearing a maid outfit.

"Who's mistress?" I asked.

"Very funny, of course you are my mistress", said the maid.

"Me?" I asked, confused.

"You. My duty is to make sure, I take care of you mistress", smiled the maid.

I started to slap myself on face, saying "Wake… up… wake up".

"Mistress, are you okay, why are you slapping yourself?" The maid asks me, concerned and stops me.

After ten slaps, with scratches on my face, I realized I'm not dreaming.

"Mistress, are you sure okay?" asked the maid, concerned.

I looked at her, and asks "What's your name?"

The maid feels my head, and says "Well, you don't seem to have a fever, maybe it's amnesia. Also, my name is Luna".

Once she says that name, I saw images of Luna smiling, helping me with chores, and in the library.

'Who's memories were those?' I asked myself.

At that moment, there was a knock coming from downstairs.

"Oh! Ms. Yardfield must be here, you wait here, I'll go get her", said The maid/Luna, then heads out the bedroom door, and closes it.

I looked at the room, I was in, and noticed there was no windows in my room.

'There must be a clue to how I got here and how to get out', I thought.

So, I searched from top to bottom looking for any clues that help me in my situation, while trying to make a mess, and I was left with nothing, no clues, not even a hint.

'Wait. I had a vision of a library, if I go there maybe, I might be able to figure out what's going on', I thought in my head.

I slowly opened the bedroom door, looked outside to make sure nobody was around, then I heard Luna talking to somebody.

"You must be careful, when mistress woke up, she had woken up with amnesia, so talk to her carefully", said Luna.

I saw a girl my age who has long straight black hair, wearing a red dress, and red heels named Anne Yardfield.

"No problem after all, we are friends", said Anne.

So, to distract them, I threw a puppet that was attached to a string into another room, right next to my bedroom, the puppet flew so fast, that it looked like my shadow was running; this caught the attention of both Anne and Luna, so they went after the puppet.

Which gave me my chance to hurry, and run straight through the hallway with my slippers on, I pass from door to door to door, when I finally saw a wooden door with  a fairytale logo that had behind it a land of books, a thousand on shelves, there was even stairs that divide the books into sections.

My eyes glowed, and says "I have never seen so many books".

Right when I slowly walked to my first bookshelf, I heard the wooden door close, this made turned around to see a mysterious shadow walk up to me, I almost screamed, but the shadow stopped me and once a curtain was open this shadow is revealed to be another girl that's my age, who has long brown hair, wearing test tubes on her head, a white lab coat, orange dress with test tubes,purple shoes, headband with test tubes a.k.a. Sciencia.

"Sciencia", I whispered.

Sciencia nodded.

I cried, then hugged her, and says "Sciencia, was so scared, wait. How are you here? And where is? and how are you alive?"

The person who opened the curtain, walks down the stairs, and says "One question at a time".

That person is a boy that looks like a girl who has two brown ponytails, wearing a white dress, blue jacket, and black boots named Akihiko.

I hugged him too, and says "Akihiko, your here too".

Somebody tapped me on the shoulder, and says "He's not the only one".

I turned around to see a girl has blond hair,wears pink bow,pink t-shirt,pink tutu,and pink ballet shoes a.k.a. Kisa, a girl with black hair,purple armor/warrior outfit ,an ax,purple boots a.k.a. Dumbra, a girl has blond hair,wears pink bow,pink t-shirt,pink tutu,and pink ballet shoes a.k.a. Kisa, and wolf creature with a human like body with long  white hair, wolf ears, wolf tail, and wearing sunglasses on his head, a dark blue shirt, blue Jean's, andwhite shoes a.k.a. Wolfie.

Wolfie spun me around with joy.

Kisa gave me many kisses on the cheek.

Dumbra gave me a bear hug.

Once they greetings were over, I asked "Sciencia, do you have any idea, how we got here?"

Sciencia takes my hand, leading me to a table, where one big purple purples open, and everybody looked at the book behind her.

Inside the book, it shows a picture of me holding a crystal in a library with five friends, the next page I'm falling into portal, and I'm wearing medieval clothes in my bed, then I see Luna, Anne, the other page shows me going to many places finding clues; after that page, the rest is blank.

"I searched through the rest of the book it's blank, so what I realized the only way to finish the story we have to find clues on how to get out of here and return to our timeline", Sciencia explains, while walking.

"So, we got stuck here because I put that Qaxmaxma on my story I was writing", I analyzed.

"Yes", said Sciencia.

"Great, that means we will be able to get out, in the story I wrote the crystal is the key, so all we need to do is find the crystal", I said, with determination.

"One problem, Kanisha, you also put in the book your character has to face many challenges to get that crystal without any powers", Akihiko pointed out.

"That may be true, but I also wrote, she finds a team of people to help on her crazy journey and one of them is the first friend she meets, so I don't think we have that much of a problem", I said.

Then I remembered, I left her friend from the story upstairs with Luna.

"I will be right back", I said.

"Wait! Kanisha, I'm coming with you", Wolfie offered.

"Me too", Dumbra insisted.

"Okay", I agreed.

"Sciencia, Akihiko, and Kisa guard the book, while we're gone", said Dumbra.

"Yes, ma'am", said Kisa, as she saluted.

We ran out of the door, through the hallway, and found our bedroom, but what we saw in front of the bedroom door was a shock.

There was a pool of blood, two dead bodies with swords through their bodies, and a tall figure with red eyes, wearing a black robe flying over the blood.

The two dead bodies, I recognized as Luna and Anne's.

With anger and without thinking, I asked "What have you done?"

The figure gave a smile, and says "Why I got rid of your friends, so you won't leave, Kanisha, so we can stay together".

"Why? Who are you?" I asked, starting to cry.

"Me, I'm Scarlett, you might know me, but trust me, I'm the only one that understands you, so please come with me", said the figure, holding out her to me.

Dumbra shields with Wolfie too, and says "Stay away from my sister, she's not going anywhere".

"Especially not with you", said Wolfie.

The figure takes a sword out of Luna's body and heads to Dumbra, Wolfie grabs me, and we run through the hallway, while Dumbra is fighting Scarlett with her ax.

"You won't get away that easily", said Scarlett, then sends a bunch of flying beasts that the wings of hawks, red hair, blue skin, and snake/mermaid like tail after us.

Wolfie makes sure the creatures don't come near me and uses his claws to attack the creature.

This only annoys the creature and they grow spikes and head to Wolfie and I, Wolfie doesn't give up he breathes fire, which burns one of the creatures.

"Wait to go Wolfie", I said, as we are running.

"Thank you, let's go", said Wolfie.

They end up back by the library.

"Akihiko, Sciencia, and Kisa, we need to get out of here", said Wolfie, passing by the library.

Out of the Library, a magic blast hit another creature.

Who's shown is Akihiko with a yellow aura from her hand, and eyes, and says "Stay away away from her".

"Akihiko, you have your powers too", I said, with amazement.

"I'm not the only one", said Akihiko.

Sciencia comes out with two staff with test tubes at the end of the staff, and reales acid from the staff, which destroys the creatures.

More creatures come, Kisa uses two long ribbons and with super speed and flight, she ties up the creatures in a ball.

We found an exit, but see Dumbra in a battle with monsters, Akihiko is using his magic, Kisa, Sciencia; and Wolfie grows wings, and I got on his back to make sure we're not caught in the crossfire.

"Wait, where's Scarlett?" I wondered, not seeing her around.

Scarlett appears behind us.

"So, you are curious about", said Scarlett with a smile.

"Stay away", said Wolfie.

"Kanisha, you must realize I don't want to hurt you, I just don't want you to leave this world", said Scarlett.

"Why you barely know me?" I asked.

"You think so", said Scarlett, then reveals  long red hair.

I gasped, and says "Charlotte!"

My eyes turn blank, then I fell off Wolfie's back, and started falling, as fast as a hawk Wofie caught me.

Dumbra looks at Scarlett, throws her ax at Scarlett, and says "That gives me more of a reason to kill you".

The ax hit Scarlett in the heart, and she disappears into dust, and the ax like a frisbee goes back to Dumbra, and the monsters disappeared, but we noticed behind us the mansion was on fire.

"Great, now where are going to live?" asked Kisa.

"I have an idea", said Sciencia, looking into the book.

So, we headed into the village, where we see a mix between a cottage and a castle, which nobody else in the village notice.

The villagers avoided us, since we looked like an odd bunch, so we finally to the odd house that only we could see and went through the door.

Once the door opens, we heard a bell, that's above the door.

Inside the place, we see a person who has green hair is wearing goggles, white dress, black gloves, and boots making a sword.

"What can I do for you today?" asked The person, with his goggles off.

“We need a room”, said Kisa.


The person sees me unconscious, and says “Yeah, it’s upstairs on your right, but  be careful, it has lots of traps in it”.

“Thank you”, said Wolfie.

“No problem, I'll bring some water", said the person. "My name is Derek".

"We really appreciate this. Derek", said Kiss.

The girls take me into the guest room, and lay on the bedroom.

"Out of all of the people it had to be her",  said Akihiko.

"No matter what we have to protect Kanisha from her", said Dumbra.

"I agree and I think we should stick with Kanisha's plan", said Sciencia.

"Good idea, we will work as a team", said Kisa, holding out her hand.

"Yeah!" exclaimed the girls as they put their hands together.

"Don't worry, Kanisha", said Kisa.



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