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Life you lose people all the time for me I have sure lost people I have lost the people who matter the most to me  life does go on but in the end you stuck there thinking of what you had .I have had alot of friends I have lost alot of frends.i have lost them to .I have alot of story's but there's one that  was the one that killed me inside but in the end left me happy.its starts in 1 grade I became friends with will call her Emma she was nice and funny  we were apart of a group  4 girls it was fun in 2 grade one of them left so it fell apart me and Emma really weren't friends but we were 3 grade I was not in school for the year so she made other friends(I didt care that she did)4 grade I made 2 friends they are they best (iam still friends with 2 of them I meet )they were great but grade 5 no one I like or was friends in was in my class so I was alone then I meet one boy he was nice (people didt like him)we became friends he was the best but Emma hate him so much she would all ways so bad things about him(I hang out with him all day long)people hate him but I know  him he was nice and sweat and he was there he was not fake like same of the people were then me and Emma were talking and I could tell you what we said and what she said so here what happend emam what's the point of love me well to continue  your bolled ok so like if all your famly die like you sister and mom and dad then what will happend emam but I have famly in New York me the all die to all of your famly (I was trying to tell her she could of to convince  her blood line I was not saying her life was going to end that way I was just trying to make her see then I didt really know what love was )emam stands up fast looks down at me emam I can't be friends with you I can't be friends with someone so drpesswsd  ,(I was going through  a hard time in my life )me well I don't went to be friends with someone that's bot there with me and thats fake and mean like you are you all ways talk bad about people me I was saying all of that crying .we did  next year 6th grade was a big fight me and her hate wchother at this point I found  same of the graets friends in my life  me and emam went to like war  we never really became friends again after that we *grow apart* but thats not true there was more drama way more that happend that year but that start it off and that was the end of a friend I had for years and years .I lost her because i know i need better the all ways tell you that wen touring though  a hard time that it will show you your true friends trust me its true


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