As I lay here warm in my new bed I can’t help but feel uneasy spending first night in my new home. Looking over my owner lay fast asleep. He loves me so much. Oh no he is stirring. “Plop!” Now I’m laying in the floor. I start to hear a strange sound. It’s scratches going across the floor. I look closer under the bed. There is a low deep growl. My heart starts flying. I still see nothing. Glaring closer two blood red eyes open swiftly sending me slumping backwards. Looking towards the red eyes I noticed they was getting closer and closer. Then as they appeared from underneath the bed there was large scaley head coming out with stringy hair attached. Suddenly it wasn’t me I was worried about but my owner. I started to stutter. Hi I’m new here who are you! The monster stopped in surprise. He opened his wide mouth in a threatening smile showing huge sharp and drool dripping out by the gallons. I am your worst nightmare he replied in a growl. Taking a deep breath I said, Nice to meet you Mr nightmare. His head sank back and his smile turned to an angry frown. You should fear me he said with a roar. I giggled. Fear you? Why, we want to your friend. He tilted his head sideways. He could not believe what he was hearing. I don’t have friends he said. I scooted a little closer uneasily. We will be your friend I said. I put my paw out. He leaned his nose to my paw . He was sniffing my paw to see if he could trust me. Suddenly he stood on his legs and a bright light started swirling around him. He was transforming right before my very eyes. Suddenly I owner getting out of bed. I went limp. He picked me up and held me close. Then I heard him say what’s this? He reached down and as he stood up I saw in his hand a stuffed dragon. Wow, he said. I wander where this came from. With excitement he pulled me and the dragon close to him. We can all be friends he said with excitement. looked over at Dragon and I saw the blink of a little red eye.