The Unknown Of Unexplained Feelings Read Count : 41

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The feelings of yesterday touch me once
When I ponder on this unknown
And I stop for a while and tell myself
"Well, this is it."

All of the good cannot touch me again
They are treasures that awaited my arrival
But a hold on this linear perpetuality
Is not known to them

This is why they curse me today
And every day, even as I change:
A smaller hindrance holds me
And indeed, it is that it is.

Now, when sometimes the unexplained,
When it hurts my hurdling heart
I'm left transfixed on the distance
And teary-eyed in hopeless hope

This is it: I emphasise
My travels toward the awaiting wasteland.
And if I ever had even a blemish of an answer, it would say:
"Remember the good; serenade the sad."


  • Nov 14, 2019

  • Nov 15, 2019

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