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The English Language is very interesting 
It can also be very  confusing 
I find some things quite amusing 
Here’s one If like to share 

“Just Do It” is  a Nike Slogan 
It’s made them millions
Let’s dissect this little gem
I’ll stop when you say” when  ( ha )

Take any issue large or small 
This four letter mother covers them all
Put “just “ in front of any task
And it can mean - that’s all I ask
What it does is simplify everything
When it’s told to you a warning bell can ring
Expectations from the teller makes that one a seller  
So if it’s hard for you to do that word implies it’s easy for you
As  With Nike’s - “ Just Do It “
I JUST say “Screw It “
Now you can see how easy it was for me


  • Nov 14, 2019

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