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Some where along the way 
I heard somebody say 
“I’m up against the wall-I’m going to end it all”
It wasn’t the first I’ve heard- It wasn’t the first I read
It was a simple sentence said
 But the goal was being dead 
I’ve walked that road two times before 
When I couldn’t see the light
All hope was gone all out of me 
I could no longer fight 

I called my family to my room
And told them of my plight
We taiked until the nurse came in 
Their tears made a spark ignite 

I realized when all alone
An island I am not
The ones who love me as I love them
Are here to fill the spot 

A few yeas had gone by and it crossed my mind again
My  voice said “stupid choice”and the thought did quickly end

I do not speak for anyone but a lesson I
have learned
If one can can go through tragic pain 
And see the precious gift 
Of life itself with love to give and love to get
Your spark may soon be lit

When you feel alone  and see no hope 
There are those who are always there 
When they extend a hand and you reach
You know they really care



  • Nov 14, 2019

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