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One day Nessa was alone no we're to go ,and no place to call home her only friend Trawn, and even some times he would go away to run,run Nessa Trawn said to me. So she created a plan that would change her life forever. One πŸŒƒ Night 😴, Nessa was scared but she knew what she had to do an order to keep her home and dad alive. She snuck into the Princess's Palace and took two-hundred-thousand dollars  and there was only two dollars left. When the Princess found out she went nuts. She said "FIND OUT WHO STOLE IT OR U ARE FIRED" then she went to meditate. Nessa said "papa I have πŸ’° money for us" papa said "give the Princess back IT NOW". She kept 100 bucks πŸ’―βœ‹ to her self. Nessa "Selena let's go" Selena (Lil Sis) "ok?" . Nessa said " papa is staying ". Selena (Lil Sis) said  "oh ok bye papa 🌊". Papa said "bye honey πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹". The Princess was furious she was still invading people 🏠 homes. King of Prussia said to The Princess "THATS ENOUGH NO MORE GOING INTO HOUSES FOR MONEY WE HAVE THAN THAT" The Princess said "IT WASN'T ANY KIND OF MONEY IT WAS MOMS" and she slammed the door as hard as a rock. King of Prussia said "oooo-h". Back with Nessa and Selena (Lil Sis) they're still struggling to give the money back πŸ’°. But before u knew it πŸ˜‰ a man pulls up in a car and shoots Selena (Lil Sis) Nessa said "OH NO!!".

                  The End 🌻🀸


  • I love this app 😍❀️😍 u would like my account and writings if u want

    Nov 14, 2019

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