Tammys Life Part 1 Read Count : 31

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
Tammy was a elempic whening kid who had over 29 gold medals but she did not get to see her dad very much as a kid but when she got older she got to see her dad more and more but one day she was feeding her dog big boy and she went to check on her mom and her mom was turning blue so she called 911 and her mom was admitted to the hospital and later that day her mom Lois died and her dad Paul and her little sister Alicia and her step mom Margaret all came to pick Tammy up and she move in with her step mom,dad,and little sister and they all loved Tammy very much and they had game night a lot and they gave Tammy a phone and Alicia gave her a tablet and laptop and she was told not to text any guys but she did and she got messenger taken off her phone and tablet and she was told not to go on Facebook but she did and she let Alicias dog daisy go out side and daisy ran away and then Tammy got her tablet and phone taken away But the next day she got her phone back But her tablet was put up parmenetly 


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    Nov 17, 2019

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