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Thinking back to that high school crush,

We were so young and always in a rush.

Threw away what could've been, 

But found each other and still remained friends.

Years went by and life unfolds,

We meet again, she's so bold. 

She doesn't want to feel just a touch,

She wants a connection, she wants to trust.

She's been wounded before, in the deadliest way,

She fell in love and gave her heart away.

In the blink of an eye, it came to an end.

She's not sure she'll ever trust again.

I feel for her and wish I could help,

To take away the pain she has felt.

I think back to that first kiss,

In front of the principal, her lips didn't miss.

I froze in awe as she smiled that day,

She went on to class while I stood in a daze. 

A memory of her I shall always cherish,

In my mind, it continues to flourish. 

I admire her strength, her courage and determination. 

A loving mother, a friend, a soul with conviction. 

Though we don't get to speak too much,

She'll always be that high school crush.



  • Nov 13, 2019

  • a poem INCREDIBLE

    Nov 14, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautiful 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Nov 14, 2019

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  • Nov 21, 2019

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