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Let's be eco friendly
Let's do it altogether
Come on, Time won't last forever
Let's do it altogether 

Plastic is trouble
The damage of the earth is double
There is no other world
Where we can be nicely up curled 

Clingfilm, no, we need wax wraps
Atleast it's easier than running 150 laps
Those yogurt pots, we didn't know they wern't recyclable
Try whole ones, it's fantastic 

Look, we are facing something serious
It's single use plastic
Not using it is needed
Quit it, one step at a time and it will be fantastic 

Eco bricks are something we need
When you start, it starts like a seed 
Cut up the plastic and shove it in then donate it
And then you'll know how to do it.


  • Nov 17, 2019

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