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(The camera opens with a girl who has red hair, wearing a white dress named Ari,getting out of a car, looking at the sky with a hat on. Behind Ari, people from the moving truck go into the house)

(Ari sees the house has purple wallpaper, many windows, it's literally a castle, but no bats flying around it, but has a mysterious shadow, which is weird since there are no clouds, trees, or anything to project a shadow around)

(The camera shows Ari walking towards the house, when she is stopped by agirl who has raven black hair, wearing a red headband, purple dress named Akane Asuka with two girls who has brown hair, wearing summer dresses holding designer purses named Akita and Akira)

(Ari tries to move away from Akane, but Akita and Akira grab her by the arm)

Akane (smile): My! My! If it isn't the orphan weirdo, another family disown you

(Akira and Akita laugh)

Ari (tears coming down): Leave me be

Akane (smiles): Awww! She's crying (walks into the castle) Follow me 

(Akira and Akita drag Ari into the castle into an empty broom closet, and Akane closes the door)

Akane (walks away with Akira and Akita): Let this be a lesson, never cross my path again, orphan

(Akira and Akita follow Akane out of the castle)

(The camera shows Ari banging on the door)

Ari (leans against the door and sits on the floor): Not again (cries)

(The camera shows a flashback of Ari as an 8-year-old kid who has green dress and red heels looking at Asuka)

(The camera shows Ari being chased by Asuka in the kitchen, which makes her trip over a rope, that makes a bunch of knives land beside her kinda making a cage)

Asuka: (laughs) I can't believe you fell for tha

(Ari starts crying)

Asuka: Oh! Poor girl (points to Ari's hand) She cut herself 

(Ari sees her arm and runs away through the hallway, still crying. Asuka follows her)

Asuka (following her): Wait, I'm not done.

(Ari turns around, seeing Asuka with a baseball bat, and runs away into a closet)

(Asuka smiles, but her face isn't show on screen)

(Ari waits in the closet, until she doesn't here Asuka, she tries opening the door but it's locked)

Ari (bangs on the door): Somebody! Somebody! Anybody! 

(Ari's eyes turn cold, as if she has no soul)

(The camera goes back to a man who has a green uniform,cap, he also has short brown spiky hair, glittery brown eyes, and a skinny body named Hayate Takeshi)

(Hayate putting a box on the couch, runs through the house, door by door, hearing a voice)

Hayate: (opens the door) I'm Hayate Takeshi (holds out his hand) are you okay?

(Ari's eyes turn back, and grabs Hayate's hand. Hayate see how scared Ari is, so he takes out of the house)

(The screen shows Ari and Hayate at a smoothie shop sitting on different chairs with a wooden table between them with fruit smoothies in front of them.)

Hayate: Do you have a name?

Ari: Why did you help me?

Hayate: Huh? Because you were crying

Ari: So, I'm still a stranger

Hayate: Have you ever heard of people that help just because it's the right thing to do?

Ari: I haven't met people like that (gets up) And I as much as I appreciate your help, I'm leaving 

Hayate: (gets up) Wait. At least tell me your name

Ari (without turning around): Ari Akemi (then leaves)

(The screen shows Ari accidentally bumps into a boy who has blond hair in the front, platinum hair in the back, wearing a red shirt, white pants named Akia)

Akia: (gets up) I'm so sorry (holds out his hand) Are you okay?

Ari: (gets up) I'm fine, I wasn't watching where I was going (walks away)

(The screen switches to Hayate and Akia alone behind the smoothie shop).

Akia: She looks torched. Is she okay?

Hayate: I found her in her new house, terrified out of her mind. I think she's being bullied

Akia: We should help her. Uh, where's her house

Hayate: Follow me

(The camera shows Ari putting up her boxes full of clothes, when she finds some boxes that has board games)

(Ari picks up a board game that has a picture of a woman with jet black hair wearing a maid outfit)

Ari: I remember this game. I'd always liked it

(The camera switches to the door of Ari's house being opened)

Ari (turns to the door) : Who's there?

Hayate: It's me

Ari: Why did you come back? Don't you know no good will come from being with me

Hayate: (walks up to Ari with Akia) Because you're being bullied 

Ari: (puts her head down) No, because I exist 

Akia: It's Asuka, isn't?

Ari: (backs up) How did you know 

Akia: Unfortunately I know her all too well (touch Ari's hand) Listen, don't pay attention to her

Hayate: Yeah, we will help you, promise

Ari: How do I know, I can trust you?

Akia: Because we are offering to help

Ari: (takes Akia's hand, then hugs him) Don't you dare break your promise 

Akia and Hayate: We won't 

(The screen shows Hayaye bringing a tray with three cups of tea into the living room, when he sees Akia and Ari are gone)

(Hayate puts the tray down and sees staircases to the attic, and climbs up. In the attic, Hayate sees Ari and Akia on the floor with a board game open in front of them along with a flashlight)

Hayate: What are you two doing up here?

Akia: I thought a game, would lighten the mood

Hayate: (walks to Akia and Ari) What game is it?

Ari (giggled): Demon's request

Hayate (shocked): Really? Isn't that a little extreme

Akia: Are you kidding, this cracks me up every time, I play it

Ari: Me too, Akia was just telling me when one of his friends played this Halloween prank, where he dresses as the maid and pretends to kill him

Hayate: Oh, yeah I remember that

Akia (laughing): I was so freaking scared

Ari: So, you want to play

Hayate: (shrugs his shoulder) Sure

(Hayate lights the candle that's shaped like a lamp, Akia puts the plastic flowers around Ari, Akia, and him)

Akia: Last is the incantation (looks at Ari)

Ari: (looks at a white paper) From the blood of my enemies to their own death, I call the spirit of evil that feeds on souls that are just as cruel as this demon is. Chiyoko. Chiyoko. Chiyoko (the candle goes out)

Akia: Very funny, Hayate

Hayate: What? I didn't blow the candle

Ari: Wait, I hear footsteps 

(The candle gets relit by a woman that has jet black hair, wearing a maid outfit named Chiyoko, which shocked Ari, Hayate, and Akia)

Chiyoko (as she curtsy): Nice to meet you, my masters and mistress

Ari, Hayate, and Akia: Aaah!

(The screen turns black, then turns back to the show)

Ari, Hayate, and Akia: Aaah! (Then stops screaming)

Chiyoko: So, who's soul shall I devour

Alia: This is a joke, right?

Hayate: But, I didn't send anybody 

Akia: Neither did I

Ari: Well, you know I don't have any friends

Hayate: (feels Chiyoko's face) She's real

Chiyoko: Of course, I'm guessing you sent me by accident 

Ari: Yeah, we don't want to kill anybody 

Akia: (looks at the white paper) Ari, I wouldn't say that, if I was you

Ari: (looks at Akia) Why not?

Chiyoko: Because I kill any people that doesn't want to play the game, no matter who it is

Ari: Oh!

Chiyoko: So, if you don't want to die, who's soul shall I devour

Ari: Akane Asuka!

Akia (shocked): Ari

Ari: And I want to witness her death

Chiyoko: Is that your final request

Ari: Yes.  

(The camera shows Chiyoko turns to a dark spirit taking Ari away without Akia and Hayate)

Akia: Ari!

Hayate: Oh no

(The screen shows Ari and Chiyoko appear in the mall, where Akane is buying shoes with Akita and Akira)

Akita: Those shoes totally match your outfit.

Akane: I know,right?

Akira: (points to Ari walking up to them) Look

Akane: Well, if it isn't the orphan, you actually gather the courage to walk up to us

Ari: I've had enough of you 

Akane: Really? and what are you going to do about it?

Chiyoko: Now, mistress 

Ari: Yes

(Chiyoko turns to a tall dark figure with fangs, which scares Akane, Akira, and Akane)

Ari: Bye, Akane 

Akane: (as she get devoured by the Chiyoko) No, I'm sorry

Ari:(with evil look in her eyes) Too late

(Chiyoko leaves, Akane's lifeless with blood everywhere)

Chiyoko: (looks at Akira and Akita shivering) Should I kill them too? I sense their cruel souls as well

Ari: Yes.

(The episode ends with Ari's vision getting blurry, her eye turn cold, and faints on the floor)


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