Sleeping With The Ghost- A Horror Story Read Count : 46

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One day a man entered in a bungalow with his girlfriend. He was in a joyous mood. Kissing his girl and then in night when both slept together and had fun later in the night something unusual happened. To know this we will go little back to the story.
         A story of passion, love, lust and greed. A woman who is a wife living with his man. As man is rich and famous. He was so rich that no girl denies him and sleeps with him as he was already a married man but didn't bother making his nights with other girls. One night when he was having sex with one bitch his wife came suddenly and saw the act later she also joined them but somehow both girls joined in the act and then killed this man. They both had fun and enjoyed each other's company but this couldn't last for long as his wife and the girl also fought with each other and both gets killed in the act. So no one remain in the bungalow but that night was unusual. Let's see what was that?
       The night was of amavasha night in which who gets killed his body will become ghost which, is so powerful and, who will kill him they will die and there spirits will enter the body who is killed first, that's how both girl's spirits get entered in man's body and that man has gained the power that he can switch of in a man or a woman accordingly. So we will back to our previous story, as on that night when both were sleeping, the girl which is the ghost is actually that man who had become a woman killed the man in the night while he was sleeping and that was also a night of amavasha and then the spirit left his body for ever and then ghost got freedom and disappeared for ever.


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    Nov 21, 2019

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