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Once upon a time there lived a couple in a village in America. They where very poor and also very sad because the don't have any child.
After some days actually their prayer to god worked . The wife gave birth to a beautiful girl child .The child have beautiful pink coloured eyes and curly golden hairs.
But sad of the part was that after giving  birth to the beautiful girl child the mother died .The family felt very bad for that .And named the child griefiea.
After some years Griefiea grew old now she was of five  years . Then in a morning  when Griefiea was playing with her toys in her room then het father called her and said to meet her new mother .
Her New  mother was a very bad lady name Erika . She dis liked Griefiea. 
One day when her father was gone input of the village for work. 
Griefiea's mother threw her out of the house. 
Griefiea was sad and went to the forest  and sat under a tree and rested for some time. But she was so tired that she felt asleep .
When she woke it was  nearly mid night she saw some fairies  in front of her. The fairies asked her what has happened to her.She told the whole thing to them.
The fairies asked her that if she was ready to be a fairy princess of the night kingdom 
Griefiea told them yes . 
Then they made Griefiea a fairy princess and gave her a pair of wing's and a beautiful ribbon wreaths. 
But after some days she started  to feel  sad for home and miss her home .
So she said this to her fairy friends. 
And they decided that Griefiea will stay at her home in the day and in fairy land as a fairy princess at the night.  Griefiea was happy to knew this decision. And lived happily ever after 

- by Ishita Achaarjee 


  • nice for kids please read

    Nov 13, 2019

  • hi Ishita

    Nov 14, 2019

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    Nov 13, 2019

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