The Last Child Read Count : 48

Category : Stories

Sub Category : YoungAdult
The sun shone brightly. Children of all ages milled around him, laughing and shouting. Today was the big day. The last day. After today, there would be no more. The village had been all but abandoned. Crumbling buildings and broken glass, a few empty cans were all that was left to remind them of what they would leave behind. The Man uncovered his big red basket. Everyone cheered. He held up his hand, and reluctantly the squirming bundles stood still. First one... then another... and then excited squeals pierced the temporary quiet once more. The precious little papers were removed remarkably intact from the concealing cookies, which were then hastily stuffed into hungry mouths with grubby little fingers. And one by one they all began to follow the Man. He was almost to the bottom of his big red basket and had started to make his way down the path to the rusty gate for the last time. There was no need to close it this time. Soon, they had all made their way down the path. She could still hear their laughter long after the wind had drowned it out with its evening sonata. The cookies were gone. The big red basket was gone. The Man was gone.


  • Nov 13, 2019

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