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Beauty is everywhere 
We live a world filled with cruelty 
But there so much beauty to share
It can help us fight brutally 

We see it with our eyes 
But we feel it with our heart
Once it’s enters in
It becomes a vital part

We can see it in all things
It is not that hard to find
It’s a matter of awareness 
And to keep an open mind

We often face the demons 
That wait to tear us down
They work to bring us trouble
With a never- ending frown 

That’s one of life’s great challenges 
 And we must be prepared 
But disregarding beauty 
Could force us to live scared

If we hold this precious gift as a valuable 
We  can dowhatever twe can
To force a  trouble recession

Reality tells us some issues long remain 
But balancing those with beauty in our lives 
When beauty still survives


  • Nov 12, 2019

  • wonderful!

    Nov 12, 2019

  • Jan 22, 2020

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