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One day there was a woman who would love everybody and cherish everybody until one day she fell in love with this guy named Bratt she thought she met her dream guy and everything was good he had three little boys and everything was good he worked all the time couple months later we had a house together and then we started getting stuff for the house and then one day we lost the house like 3 months later and the woman couple months later goes through bratt phone and catches him running other females she thinks to herself maybe I didn't make him happy maybe I didn't make him feel he was wanted maybe I think I did something for him to text other females she saw over and over and over how she might have done something but then she realized it's not her that did it it was him that he was the one who would fight females and tell them oh I think you're beautiful would you like to go on a dinner with me but then she realized it was time to just give up and I care about anything anymore but then he breaks up with her back and forth back and forth back and forth 6 times he has broken up with her tell her two times she's broken up with him then she realizes he just wanted to use her to watch his sons then realizing he didn't love her he just wanted to use her for his advantage so that way he can take care of his kids then take it back together and then he tells her if you watch my kids I will go back out with you and go bowling and the stupid female degrees and then and all hits when he breaks up with you after you watched his kids for 8:30 in the morning to 12 at midnight then he tells everybody he don't want you and never will want you and make you feel like you are nothing and I don't want it but here comes the tricky part fell text the female telling a female he wants to hurt herself and everything and the female applies with I wanted to do the same thing and then the man said don't ever talk to me again but come to find out he was cheating on the female was her so-called friend Catherine they thought they were just friends like they said they were but he broke up with her yet again for Catherine the female Juliet went psychotic mental breakdown didn't care about being nice to everybody like she used to be now she's stuck in the dark reaching for for light to help her get through like Fairy Tail say happy endings are happy endings well this story is not a happy ending


  • Kendyll Miller

    Kendyll Miller

    I love this writing so much...btw you will know if he is the right one or not if he is not just kick him out thats what i did been there done that now i am single and perfectly find and nothing should stop us from being who we are.

    Nov 12, 2019

  • Juliann Hawes

    Juliann Hawes

    so true

    Nov 12, 2019

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