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(The camera shows Beverly seeing her parents are killed by a strong amount of dark energy by a crystal ball, and a rich man who has a magic scepter to reveal the mystical world to mortals)

(The camera shows a ball of a white aura showing Hilda as a person who has a Flower barrette,wearing a long white dress made of armor along with boots)

Hilda: I'm Flower Supreme

(The white aura changes Beverly too into a person who has a star barrette, wearing a purple shirt, midnight blue skirt, a dragon tail appears, her eyes turn dragon like too)

Beverly: I'm Dragon Star

(The camera shows an invisible wall, that makes it look like that the sky is evaporating, and then the man disappears)

Hilda: He got away

Snowfall: Don't worry, we'll get him next time

Beverly: Besides we have bigger things to worry about

(The camera shows adults, teens, and kids looking at the mystical city in the sky)

(The camera shows a girl with red hair, wearing a white dress with beautiful wings, and white heels, she raises her hand, which silenced the people and she walks towards Beverly and Hilda and bows to them. Then, she gets up. The girl's name is Princess Cosma)

Princess Cosma: Nice to meet you, my old friend

Hilda: Princess Cosma, I didn't think we would meet so soon. Is the engagement still in process

Princess Cosma: The rules is it suppose for hundred of years, but he broke it and found another bride, and now I'm known as a loner, until I find a husband. So, you didn't forget about me

(Hilda is blushing, then stops)

Hilda: What, no way, it's just your home doesn't have cell phones.

Princess Cosma (looking at the citizens): Oh! People of Tokyo, my civilization of the mystical world mean you no harm, we are peaceful people, but we also liked to be left alone. Now, that the veil is broken, we will try to learn to live in peace with you

(The camera shows the people shaking hands with Princess Cosma, then stops)

Princess Cosma: Also, I wish for flower supreme to be my guide in this city.

Hilda: I would love to.

(The camera shows the people continue their lives and takes a walk.Beverly smiles and goes back home, and transforms back into herself. Princess Cosma hangs out with Hilda)

(The camera switches to Beverly watching aw cartoon, one of her favorite is bunny girl, which shows a girl with bunny abilities.The aunt sits in her room, happy, that she finally showed her niece the truth)

(The aunt starts doing dance exercising)

(The camera shows Beverly looking at her ceiling in her pajamas, and it switches to the angel's message, then goes back to Beverly in her room)

Beverly: Who are you? Why do I need to protect the power of the guardian? Why me? (her necklace glows)

(Beverly holds her necklace, an aura comes from her necklace, and it makes a crowd of unicorns of different colors by her window. Seeing this out her window, she gets into her regular clothes. She put a red shirt, green skirt, and white shoes with a purse from her neck to her waist, and opens her window; and jumps onto the pink unicorn's back)

(The unicorns take Beverly to the village with a smile on her face and looking around. She sees dragons, vampires, wolves, guardians, angels, and royal figures)

(The unicorns land on the ground and Beverly gets off the pink unicorn)

Beverly (look at the pink unicorn): Thank You

(The unicorns smile and flies away)

(Beverly walks around the town, where she sees a dragon that is a cooker, and the wolf/human like creature as an assistant. They act like humans )

The dragon (smiled): Hello, I'm Dragina

The wolf (smiled): Hello, I'm Wolfshore

Beverly: I'm Beverly 

Dragina: Everybody knows you

Wolfshore: Yeah, you're famous as the new Dragon star 

Beverly: That's right (sees macroons of fairies) Can I have one?

Dragina: Sure (winks) call it a free sample

Beverly: Thank You (bites into the macroon slowly and smiles) It's delicious 

Dragina and Wolfshore: Thank you.

Beverly: (waves goodbye) Bye

Dragina and Wolfshore: (waves goodbye) Bye

(Beverly looks around the village from comic book stores, phone shops, parks, and houses. Once she past a statue of Beverly's mom and dad)

(The camera switches back and forth from Beverly's parents being killed, and the statue; then Beverly ends up on the stairs of the statue and starts crying)

(Wolfshore appears with a bag of macroons, seeing Beverly crying, and runs to her. Wolfshore hugs Beverly and stroking her hair)

(Beverly looks at Wolfshore, who's smiles)

Wolfshore (whispers): It's okay

(The camera switches to Beverly and Wolfshore noticing a secret key hole on her statue, on her mother's staff, Beverly uses her necklace as a key,  then, an elevator the size of a tree appears and Beverly with Wolfshore goes into the elevator)

(Beverly exit the elevator, which is when they see a lair, that at has least twelve chairs.

Each with the same symbols as she saw on the chest in her vision.

There's also a big screen, black walls, and this is only the meeting room.

In the next room, they notices the chest, and goes to it)

(Wolfshore wipes off the dust, which makes Beverly sneezes.

Inside the chest, Beverly notices the broaches are gone.

But then Wolfshore raises Beverly's chin up and shows her, there's more than just six.

In the drawers of the chest, it shows a dragon, unicorn, jaguar, cheetah, and other broaches)

Beverly: But, what do I do with these?

(The big screen TV  turns on, looking like the documentary)

(The camera shows Wolfshore leaning on a button that turned on the big screen TV, but didn't realize it)

(On the screen, it shows a half mortal and elf wearing black spyware)

The half mortal: A long time ago, ancient people created these broaches to each one belonged to a chosen one, together, these chosen ones would protect the world from any threat. Kind of like the mortal heroes, but a bit more complicated than that.

The most important broaches are the cheetah, zebra, dog, jaguar, and the heart of guardian: which is a dragon.

The bad news is that some of the broaches throughout the years were lost, some of the heroes could never be found.

(The video ends)

(Wolfshore finds a big whiteboard, so he draws a key, that represents the heart of the guardian, then puts lines connecting to each of the broaches.

Next to that picture, Wolfshore draws a picture of Beverly having visions to find the people, that possess each of the broaches)

Beverly (looking at the whiteboard): Okay, I get it now, but how do I get these visions?

Beverly (walks back to the chest): Last time, I touched a crystal ball, which made be able to get a vision.

(Wolfshore puts Beverly's hand on the chest, which starts a vision of a girl with pink hair, wearing a yellow shirt, blue earrings, a long rainbow skirt, and white shoes with the sign of the jaguar behind her.

As the vision ended, Beverly wipes her eyes, a purse walks to her)

(The big screen tv, turns to a mini tablet, whiteboard shrinks, and the chest turns into a tiara)

(Wolfshore puts the tiara on Beverly's head)

(The camera switches to Beverly says goodbye to everyone in the town)

(Wolfshore grabs his bags, Dragina waves goodbye to him, so he and Beverly gets on a unicorn and flies away)

(The episode ends with the villain looking through his crystal ball, and seeing the broaches and evil laughs, while the screen darkens)


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