Adventures Of Beverly Pilot Part 1 Read Count : 25

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(The episode opens with the night sky,then shows the inside of a mansion, where a man is shown entering the elevator wearing a black robe, and holding a cup of coffee.

The man lands in a lair, with his wife waiting at a table)

The man's wife (looking at the man): What's the plan for today?

(The man puts a blueprint on the table, and gives a wicked smile.

The man and the wife see on their big screen, they see a creepy castle giving off negative energy, which they have allies checking it out.

In an exact second, an allie of theirs, who's a woman with black hair, wearing a black suit show up)

The allie: The energy seems harmless 

(One of the men touches it, the energy possessed him, zaps the human energy out of him, and makes his body dry up like a pune)

(The man smiles)

The man (whisper): Bring the strange energy from the scepter

(The screen shows the night turns to day)

(The screen shows a girl named Beverly with blond hair, pink pajamas, squirming around the bed when she smells fresh pancakes, and like lightning she zooms into the table)

(Beverly is shown with a big smile, wearing a white/purple school girl outfit waiting for the pancakes)

(In-between waiting,Beverly moved her hair from her, while her aunt, who has long black hair, wearing a blue dress, and midnight blue heels is putting syrup in the pancakes, eggs, and sausage on Beverly's plate. In the pancakes there is a candle)

(The aunt is smiling, and sits the plate down

Seeing her aunt smile while looking at the candle, Beverly notice something strange is going on)

(Beverly gives a confused glare to her aunt and blows the candle, and grabs onto her aunt dress, showing how concerned she is)

Beverly (while holding onto her aunt): Okay, you never smile, without listening to music or there’s a cute guy is coming over. So, what gives

(The aunt finally sighs and Beverly, let's go of her aunt.

The aunt goes to the closet, where she sees a big purple book titled 'The book of memories', she puts it to her heart, walks up to the table, and puts it on the table)

The aunt: You know that your mom and dad died because of an accident?

Beverly (with a raised eyebro): Yeah, why

(The aunt gets up, goes back to the closet finds a crystal ball and puts it on the table)

Beverly: A crystal ball, really, how is this going to help explain anything about my parents?

(Beverly accidentally touches the crystal ball, which makes her eyes start glowing, showing her a vision of a strong amount of strange energy near her Dad in a cloak, holding a scythe, while fighting with the man you I told you about in the opener, along with the mom handling the shadow creatures.

The mom is revealed to have blond hair, wearing an white dress with purple lines on it, and white heels, and holding a purple flower scepter.

With a smile, the mom's scepter came with a big amount of light energy at the shadows, which destroyed the creatures.

That left the dad fighting the evil man, when a strong amount of dark energy like a nuclear explosion, that kills the parents and took the man's scepter)

(The camera shows the mthe with the police)

A policeman (looking at the man): Can you tell me what happened?

The man: Some of my enemies destroyed my lab

(The camera shows the police looking around, then finds the parent's bodies, and after analyzing the bodies, they tell the family, but Beverly staying at her friend's house, she didn't know of later, but she did see on the news about  strange lights of energy.

Last, the vision shows a chest that has six jewels, each having pictures of different animals)

(Beverly's eyes turn back to normal)

Beverly (shocked): Is that what really happened to them and what was up with that chest?

The aunt: Yes, sorry I didn’t tell you about this early.

(The camera shows the sympathy in the aunt’s eyes, and Beverly gives her aunt a hug,then started eating )

(Beverly gives the aunt a punch on her shoulder)

Beverly (honestly):Don't get all sappy, you know that's not, how we do things around here.

(the screen goes to Hilda, a girl with ocean blue hair, wearing a purple and white shirt with red skirt, and purple boots was walking through the forest, taking pics of her favorite animals, when she felt something in her book bag)

(Inside Hilda's bookbag, there is a cat with bat wings as small as a squirrel)

Hilda:What's up, Snowfall?

(Snowfall stops licking himself, then puts on a serious self)

Snowfall:Hilda, your friend has discovered us, which means he will find her.

(The camera shows Hilda grabs her necklace, which makes the wind blow, and causes a purple portal)

(The camera shows Beverly and the aunt notice the portal, Hilda enters through the portal and gives a smile)

Hilda: You have magical powers, that's making someone dangerous come after you

(The camera shows the ground started to shake,which makes Beverly, the aunt, and Hilda run outside to see the mysterious man from the vision, causing the magical/real world to collide)

(This camera shows a lot of people to come out of their buildings, homes, and cars, and makes the mysterious man laughs evilly).


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