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There once was a small seashell
It was as tiny as could be
It hadn't grew very big
Sometimes it was hard to see

But it had a purpose to fulfill
It didn't know what it was laying on the sand
One day, it got scooped up in a shoe
Before someone shook it loose, it landing in hand

The smallest seashell knew it was on its way
To fulfill an unknown destiny, to be a sign
From a simple, yet innocent act of kindness
Was this the moment,of fates uttermost design

A man, who's heart was made of gold
Had the smallest seashell in his hand
Walked up to his friend of many years
Holding the seashell,that was found in the sand

Little did he know, this was a symbol
A symbol of a pure...natural...true love
She held it close to her heart,
Hoping...praying their love would evolve

She didn't let it leave her side
She was so protective of the smallest seashell
It gave her hope of her future
Just looking at it for a moment, she fell

Deeper and deeper in love with him
What will the future hold for her
And the future for the smallest seashell
Only time will tell, for that's the adventure

She prays every day and night
For him to embrace her like in her dreams
Until then, the morning comes, and he's gone
And it attacks her self esteem

One day, one day my little seashell
Our dreams will come amazingly true
And I will be happy with my prince
And my life will begin anew


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