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It's this thing deep inside.
A cruch,
That makes you shake a shiver. 

It's like your insides are crunching together,
Theyre forming a hole. 
That empty feeling you thought you left behind. 

It's a silent scream of savior,
When tears are streaming down your face. 
It's where you read "Trigger warning" 

Don't listen,
But you should have. 
Now youre shaking,
Fighting the urge to do what you did. 

To do what those voices told you,
To hurt, to harm, 

To leave, to die. 
Its the empty stupid feeling. 

Where everything seems like it's falling apart,
Eventhough everything is right side up.

It's that stupid feeling,
The one you thought you left behind.

The stupid hole of emptiness,
Of tears and anger. 

It's that hopeless feeling,
Where your insides are crunching into a knot. 
It's the stupid feeling all over again. 


  • Nov 12, 2019

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