Clearing Obstacles In Ur Way.... Read Count : 26

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Stuck somewhere ???? 
Can't move forward ????
Blaming urself ????
Wanna clear the obstacle.... 
Start from the root of it.... 
Why is the obstacle ? 
Is it my fault ? 
And the how should I clear the obstacle ? 

Every person has a different obstacle in there life. According to there age, life, habits..... And all ....
Like me my biggest common obstacle Maths ...... Can't over come it .... How much I try . But it's only a common obstacle. I may face many more like this 
But there r some one in life obstacle.
Many times there r chances that u can't overcome it...... But it all fine 
Like everytime a Strom isn't a bad one it may cause may probs sometime but on other hand sometime it clear our way .....

I guess u have heard of ' Thomas Edison '
Who haven't ... The one who invented incandescent light bulb .... But do u know one time his lab caught a fire and all his research files where burnt to ashes.
Guess his reaction on it...
He said it's god's blessings that the lab was burnt..... Even if I want to clean my lab I can't bear to give up on my research now I can have a fresh start again .....

Even the same goes to Elon musk.... Once he was fired from his own company that time he had a fresh start and started a new company later he bought his previous company 

U can go for the same .... Just go for a fresh start if u can't clear the obstacle...☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
And if u can just find a solution and start to clear it 
 ( I accidentally broke my teacher fav test tube I think I can write a apologize letter but does anyone have a better solution if u have any plz tell me..... Please reply ...) 


  • Nov 12, 2019

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    May 07, 2020

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