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Chapter 1- how it all started:
So it was an ordinary day and I was in bed sleeping happily, then suddenly I heard "buzzzzz". It was my alarm clock waking me up for my first day back at school. So I had to drag myself out of bed and threw some clothes on and shoved my hair up. My mum called up the stairs to me "Kaci, Courtney is here". (Courtney was my best friend and she always came to pick me up in her car for school. After 10 minutes or so I went down the stairs and got into her car, and I we was on our way to school only to "crash!!!". My head was hurting, I couldn't move, my heart started pounding, then I couldn't feel anything, my eyes was watering and starting to close and I was trying so hard to gasp for air. Eventually, I gave in and I must have passed out or something....

Chapter 2- what happend next:
I started to wake up slowly and I was out of the car, but Courtney was no where to be seen and I was being carried by a talk, dark haired no. But still I could not move, I tried to stay as silent as possible but it must not have worked because he some how heard and later me on the ground, and "omg a... a... va..vam.....vamp"! I couldn't move because I was hurt that badly, I was panicking that much I must have passed out again, until I felt "arghhhh". A sharp pain hit my kneck, "he bit me". I didn't know what to do because he left me there, I was on the ground, and I heard sirens, finally a ambulance I thought. They carried me into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital not knowing what had happend, all's I could say was that Courtney wasn't there before I passed out and everything else was a blurr because I must have blacked out during the situation. So I was out on a drip and I was connected to lots of wires, I was so scared but so tired and I was also asking all over. I just wish my brother (jake) was here to make me feel better. I could feel myself dropping off to sleep.

Chapter 3- in the hospital:
It had been a couple of days and my brother had been a few times to see me (his name is jake and he is 17 years old and he has always been there for me even when nobody else was). But today was different, he brought one of his friends in, his name is Justin, but I was too tired to even speak to them, Jake made me laugh some times but all I wanted to do was go home and sleep in my own bed, also find out where my best friend had gone so I could help her. Justin and Jake were asking me lots of questions about what had happened? And how I got bit my a animal on my kneck? But the only answers I could give them is that I don't remember because I must've blacked out thought everything, plus I was so scared to go out of the hospital because I don't want people to think I am weird or anything.

Chapter 4- what about everything?
So a few more days passed, I was aloud to go home, but not back to school for at least 2 days. So most of the time I just sat on my bed reading my favourite vampire diaries book or sat writing in my diary about everything that had happened and how I felt. The day before I went back to school, there was a knock at the door, I got up and walked down the stairs and it was the police. They asked if Jake or Justin was in, so I explained that they wasn't in and told them they said to me that they were going out for a little bit. They were about to walk away and one of the police women turns around and goes "oh I forgot to mention that Courtney is home safe", before I could even say anything she was telling me that Courtney and her mother told them that Courtney wasn't going to school that day because she was I'll so she wasn't the one driving, and her car had been stolen a few days before school. My heart sunk because I didn't know what else to do, so I shut the front door, locked it and went to every door and window in the house and locked them so nobody could get inside, I was so scared and didn't know what else to do.


  • Katlyn Korizen

    Katlyn Korizen

    omg its so cool i love horror stories

    Nov 12, 2019

  • its not the best because there are some things u r missing

    Nov 12, 2019

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