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Some see their lives in darkness 
Others see theirs in light 
It’s not that both do not  exist
It’s where you direct your sight

We all see life in different shades
Depending on events 
It is a a drifting scenario 
Controlled by common sense

Some feel that they deserve the dark 
For reasons bad or good 
Most try to gravitate towards the light 
Which is easily understood 

As in all life’s drama you are given choices
Directed by your inner voices
Suffering from trauma you may feel safer in 
The dark
 Finding healing light may ignite a hidden 

If you’re content to continually lament about 
life being  unfair 
Then your refrain will be mired in pain
And you’re doomed to stay right there 

On the other hand if you think life’s grand
Or your trying to reach that goal
Follow the light and hold on tight 
You’ll be a happy soul


  • Nov 11, 2019

  • Awesome!💜

    Nov 11, 2019

  • Nov 11, 2019

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