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It was the year 2018 one late cold night,my body was tired from over dking myself it was time to rest.I go to a house whom i was looking for didnt reside there anymore..As this very beautiful dark skinned native american women open the door,i was stunned and loss of words.She welcomed me in her house for the night of trusted rest.She was stunning,full of Godly cheer and happiness for the love of God,with a holy bible in her hands,reading and stuyding out loud,her voice was demanding and since i first meet her i loved her.That night was kinda of a blurr until i woke up the next morning on her living floor,and having to rethink and remembering last night she asked me to repent and she baptized me before i could even get to stay..my mind was fuzzy from the endless nights of being highly awake now begging for rest.Every since then i tried so hard to be around her,my wifey now the greatful mrs.jennifer ford.For ever thanking God for sending her to me.She made and taught me how to love and deal with her different attitudes comes from mental illness and a case of bad family jeans inherited from past on generations.I ask myself how can this women isolate herself from the world and fighting for jesus christs rights protesting all alone up and down the street,trying to make a change of keeping drugs far from her past of being on meth.She was clean of drugs when i mett her listening to christian music station 24 hrs a day.I didnt know what to think when she switched up and it broke my heart to see her all alone at her residents at the times i would go over and see her,I wanted to see her more and more so i thought how can i make myself available to her without spooking her religious appearance? So i stopped by invited her to a spanish friends cook out,i knew she would love it so i did..mean while i was studying her and she was just as nervous as i was,she didnt speak that much,a little shy oh well she will be fine she with me.. overly joyful ,i got her to come out period so i could see her and spend time with her.She so beautiful when she is reading and smart enough to know to read the bible regularly.That religious thing she had going on is what caught my eyes,she in her skirts..And my sinful, lusting,body calling for her..needless to say it was a perfect time,her ex moved out months before and im going to make her mine now sorry Hungarian old man ur loss and now my treasure.Is what was going thru my mind.So frequently i started goin by late nights to check on her,that neighborhood she lived at alone,was or could be a dangerous place as the day turned to darkness.I would go over and take her food to eat,i knew she would be hungry from her telling me she goes to salvation army for lunch and soup kitchen everyday for supper,and it being warm ourside and her traveling on feet daily to go town and release her cheerful Jesus loving heart on people she loves the most the homeless,and soon so would she.I was lost in thought dats out and confused on how i could help her..Soon she would be gone,and i dont want to not be in her life i must do something ,then i remembering which friend of mine whom wouldnt mind me and jenny around a while a few weeks anyway??She was sweet and preaching out loud all the time,she made me reconnect myself with our Father,and rethink and direct my mind frame of thinking alot of God now since i mett her,and if having bible study or reading to her would spark the love i had for her and her returning the love back to me i surely know i would never do or even think about day by day without her in my life.So now were laying in her yard and im reading a mark twain book to her.I would do anything to barely get to touch her even if it was her bumping into me by accident.. I dont care if she would punch me for her to touch me.I wanted and needed her just as badly as it sounded.Finally one early am i check in on her and she has become comfortable with me now.Were in her bedroom laying and talking well because before she wouldnt act my way or hardly flirt with me back,just a smile.This morning was different my nuts sacked dropped and i had built myself up to kiss her,and hope she didnt reject me..She allowed me to kiss on her and so on..She let me get sum booty..finally yes.. how she felt idc thats mine now ,is what i was thinking..and how time went by and she still by myside a year and months later.Though she is one smoking chic to me and tell this day i still love her,despite her temper can go from 0 to 100 that fast being 100 the worest.Were still in the process of learning each others do's and dont's ,and with the grace of God plz father let me never lose her.She is whom ive become today.From learning and her talking to me about feelings and how we feel.So ive prayed several times for her to love me back,finally she really does.only thing i can say is thank you God if i aint been thankful lately since I really dont have much to pray for cuz her beside me on a daily and nightly you did answer my prayers..she is my beautiful rose with thorns of her past and i dont want her a rose no more what about a pretty summer time flower?By Duece Francis Ford..


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