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Here I sat, sharpening my 'tool' of choice making sure to clean my knife after the job. It made no sense to me why he wanted the wife to live then again I don't mind it all that much, bottom line my employer didn't see her as a threat so that's that, as I continue to clean the knife I hear people approaching from behind "It's rude to interrupt one cleaning his tools, you may end up seeing them first hand" I said knowing it wasn't an enemy. From the darkness behind me men in suits with black tinted glasses come forward, behind them an older gentleman stands looking towards at me, I stood up slowly with my knife in hand, my mask still on my face "It is never my way to meet my employer in person so what do you want?" I said glaring through the slits of my mask. The Old man could be seen with a smirk on his face, motioning his men to step aside as he moved forward "It was required of me to meet the new face in this line of work, I have heard little of your work but what I've heard is pleasing enough, I want you to work for my organization from the shadows, answering the call if and when I have a job for you, will you accept?" He said eagerly wanting to hear the reply.
Pondering the thought I let out a chuckle "Depends how much I gain from it." I say with a smirk glaring in excitement awaiting the ever so predictable response....Money. The Old man motioned one of the men, he then went off for a short time before arriving as he pulls two hauling type carts i front of his boss, "This is simply a show of good faith and in a sense also the payment for a job well done, I can supply you with anything this world has to offer, even that which isn't shown to the public eye" the old man says with an a grin on his face, "Well we'll see how this relationship goes, no need to get to the dessert before the first date, I will accept your offer but I will need a few items to better enjoy my time in the job" I say before handing over a list of things:
1. Bullet proof mask
2. Nice new tools for the job (knives of course)
3.Bullet proof trench coat, a hood is always a good detail
The Old man looked over the list, as he began to laugh he said "Well aren't you a funny one. I will get you what you ask and ill make it the latest equipment there is yoday just caise I see a bright future for the two of us, Ill be sure to give you a call when its done" Him and his men then left the area, all that was left was me....and alot of money.


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