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The art of poetry through time,
Has changed so drastically that, 
Modern poetry shouldn't rhyme.
Publishers look upon those that,
Stick to a rigid scheme, a crime,
Rejecting their work for one that,
Explores free flow as it is divine.

Poetry is the art of seduction,
A string of words to keep your reader's 
Have a little mystery,
What will the next words be?
Choose them wisely.

Rhymes are too limited,
A distraction.
Readers will focus on the device,
Over the connotations.

Forget about counting syllables,
Or contemplating words that rhyme,
If anything, that traditional style,
Is dismissed as children's work,
Belonging on nursery shelves.

Shame on you for being outdated.

Look at that,
A line on its own,
Perhaps, that is something meaningful,
A message standing out from the crowd,
Or perhaps, it's a break from the poet's thoughts,
Or maybe, it's a rebellious literacy act,
To break free from the typical structure.

I'm sure, it was intentional,
Poetry is complex, afterall,
There are many devices,
Even for free flow.

If a sentence is long and doesn't fit with the rest,
Surely, it is something significant of interest?

Questions should make us think,
Sometimes, thinking hurts.
We should think before we act,
We should think before we drink,
But, most of all,
We should read before we think,
Because overthinking,
With little reading,
Can destroy the beauty,
That is poetry.

Maybe, you can adjust your scheme,
Just pour your heart out naturally,
Maybe, it will fulfill the poet's dream,
This sentence rhymes with naturally.
Maybe, you can repeat the starter,
To emphasize it for the reader,
Maybe, the repetition is emphasizing,
Your insecurity, your uncertainty,
That is poetry.

Eerie silhouettes have preoccupied our contemplation,
From the moment everyone vanished and left us alone,
We yearn for a normal life and hope there is salvation,
But it is exceedingly impossible in our gloomy home.

Do I sound sophisticated yet,
Melodramatic and pretentious enough?
Shall I throw in more complicated words,
So, you won't understand the message at all?
Oh, but try as I might, I've created a nursery rhyme,
Despite its grim nature, the structure is why

I fail.

Everyone has their unique styles,
Poetry is not confined,
To one certain way.
So, instead of bashing one technique,
To uplift another,
How about we embrace,
All the literary devices?

For poetry is in our music today,
Song lyrics that play,
In our hearts,
In our minds.
Some raps have a poetic echo,
Poetry is even in the riddles,
We find. 
Poetry is a form of storytelling,
Shakespeare's legacy
Left behind.

If you're curious enough,
You'll see it everywhere,
So, let us appreciate,
The art of the beauty,
That is poetry.


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    We all appreciate poetry in different ways We also write to express to relieve and learn You also say that poetry has changed That‘ depends on the poet I’m talking about changing the rules that seem to be what you’re doing There aren’t too many rules unless you want to write - be published and earn money from your endeavor Then you may have to conform to some of the advice given Many of us. Write because we love it

    Nov 26, 2019

  • I love this. Thank you for sharing!

    Nov 26, 2019

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