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Unoinism is a system that is both capitalist, and communist. Their mixture of ideas that help the economy. In this I'll explain what it is, and why you should believe it works, unlike Socialism. 

There are two thing to do with land, a place to make, and a place to grow natural resources. Land as a place you create, unless you do it on your land, is publicly owned allowing all creators to come and create there invatoins. Land that is used for natural resources is privately owned, allowing there owners to grow properly, and sell if there no good at what they do. 

There also another type of land that can only be owned by one at a time that we all use without a choice without the ability to choose, these types of industries are publicly owned, but private industries maintain these place, and get payed by the state, or sell what they made.

Labor is privately owned; however is subsidized. Where when individual or corporations aid there works with better conditions the state subsidies them for doing so. This improvise works conditions by both trying to get them to work for them, to get subsidies, and to increase productivity. 

Capital is privately owned. This makes corporations try to make the best capital so other corporations buy from them, so people buy from them. 

Taxation would be at it minimum, only taking what the state needs, and given the rest back, and the state revenue is shared with with all. This applies to all taxes, and the tax code is as simple as possible. This creates economic growth as people have more money to spend. 

Minimum income
The state would also provide welfare to those who make less then the state wants them too, and gives them enough to get to that income. This makes it so there a minimum that the economy can decline too. 

Education would be free, however in return for the public education they took the state taxes there income, until there debt is payed. This creates more innovation, and progress in the society, and as the needs of the people grows their will be more educated to take those jobs to provide for those needs.


  • Nov 25, 2019

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