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Chapter: 1

Donekkea : wassup Rell

Rell:what it is babygirl 

As they met up at the spot they use to hang after school 

Donnekka you trying to match I got that gas.

Rell:yeah I got 5 on it.

Donekka: bet did wicket text you.

Rell:nah he suppose to meet us here.

Donekka:I'm Rey call him this not like him.

Rell: bet.

Donekka: call wicket calling wicket.

Wicket:hello wassup donnekka on my way.

10 minutes later Donekka and Rell here gunshot and see wicket running down the street all out of breath

Donekka: what the hell you do bro 

Wicket: I just Rob big E a nigga around cedonia

Rell: break bread like jesus did my nigga

Donekka: how much you get 

Wicket:$300 and ounce of weed 

Rell:bro who did you get tho. 

Wicket: the nigga big E that always bragging and shit you know I had to get him.

Donekka:did you just say big E OMG you fucked with the wrong nigga.

Rell:fuck that nigga we on nigga 

Wicket:already bro let go get Something to eat.

Donekka: let's hit Ruth Chris I want a steak 

Wicket: bitch is you crazy McDonald's cheaper.

Rell: dfl I'm cool with that bro 

As we all hop in Rell's car to go get something to eat  Rell notice a black Honda coupe following him he didn't say anything because he didn't want Donekka to be paranoid so I just kept my eyes on the black Honda the whole way to McDonald's.

Rell: y'all want to go to the drive-thru or in side.

Wicket:it doesn't matter bro 

Donekka:I want to go inside I might get someone's number lol.

Rell:girl nobody wants your ugly ass


Donekka: shut up now come on so we can go get this food.

As we all hop out of the car to walk In McDonald's rell was looking around for that black Honda that he think was following them.

McDonald's: hello welcome to McDonald's can I take your order.

Donekkea: yes let me get a quarter pounder and large fries and a soda.

McDonald's: and you to gentleman

Rell: big Mac large fries and milkshakes.

Wicket: 20peace the special with a Coke.

McDonald's: okay that will be $25.50 your order be ready in 10 minutes.

Wicket: okay thanks keep the change

                    Chapter: 2

Big E: yo you still got eyes on them nigga's

Kgr:yeah boss we across the street waiting for them to come out

Big E: Ard bet 

As we eat our food Rell notice that black Honda sitting across the street so Rell whisper across at wicket and said yo that black Honda been following us the whole way down here and now they across the street

Wicket :you got that ratchet on you 

Rell:you already puppy nuts

Wicket:Ard Donekka we going to meet up with you later 

Donekka: Ard bet see y'all later be safe 

Rell: already

Wicket:you ready cuz we Rey kill these nigga

Rell:you know it 

As we walk out of McDonald's to get in the car Rell kept his eyes on the Honda and soon as they pulled off the black Honda move right behind them next thing you know Rell rolled down the window and opened  fire at the black Honda sending them crashing into the tree

Rell: wicket is you good I got them nigga

Wicket:yeah bro I'm good we got to lay low and ditch your car let go to donekkea house 

Rell:Ard bet

Kgr: hello boss we lost them 

Big E: what you mean you lost them what happened

Kgr: they shot at us it all happened so fast they made us crash 

Big E: damn y'all can't do shit right

              4 hours later Rell and wicket went to donekkea house to lay low from the shooting they did earlier.

Rell: wicket what you got us in to bro

Wicket: stop acting like a bitch nigga you know how I get down 

Rell: you making shit hot we trying to get money and you robbing people

Wicket:so that what I do nigga I Rob mother fuckker 

Donekka: y'all need to shut up and Rell you know how we get down nigga this shit anit new 

Rell:I got a family now y'all gonna get me lock tf up or worse

Wicket:you right bro my bad but we in this together if I go down you go down simple as that 

Rell: I already new you would say some nut shit like that

Wicket:you acting like a bitch right now why u leaving

Donekka: just let him go cool off and talk to him tomorrow

As Rell left Donekka house he went to his crib over west to lay low from  wicket and Donekka. 

       The next morning wicket and Donekka got up and went to the store Donekka notice wicket was robbing another person 

Wicket:yell Donekka keep a lookout

Donekka:I got you bro bro 

2 minutes later wicket and the dude he robbing tussling for the gun next thing u know the gun goes off and wick kills the dude 

Donekka: come wicket what tf you do

Wicket:he tries to take the gun from me so I shot him 


                Hours later Donekka and wicket drive to Rell house over west to tell him.

The neighborhood  watch lady heard loud shot.

She called 911 

911:what your emergency

Yeah I just heard a loud shots in the Alley behind my house and I see a victim Laying on the ground

911: okay Ms a squad car is on the way

          10 minutes later policeman and homicide detective arrived at seen and saw a male suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body and was pronounced dead at the seen police officers observe a corner store with surveillance camera , so the police man walked to the corner store hi I'm  detective floyed do you own this store 

Owner:yes do own it for 30 years what the problem

Detective Floyd: it was a homicide down the street from your store and your security cameras point in that direction so I need to see them

Owner: no problem

Detective Floyd: okay I'm going to take the footage and talk to the witness

      As we left the corner store to go talk to the witness hi Ms I'm detective floyd so what happened,  witness: I just heard loud shots and looked out the window and seen a man on the ground and I heard a women say come on wicket 

Detective: floyd said thanks Ms that all we need we might need you to come down to the station if you feeling up to it 


Detective: we might got a lead 

                    Chapter 3


Rell and his baby mother having sex for at least 2hours what my name Rell said to his babymother.

Babymother:Oh daddy put it in my butt,it feel so good  talk dirty to me Rell:im Rey bus Rell said. babymother: that it started laughing. Rell: yeah that it we been having sex for 2hours. Next thing you know someone knocking at the door

Rell: who is it 

Wicket: it's me and Donekka nigga open the door

Rell: Ard hold on let me put my clothes 

As Rell open the door they bum rushed in my house like yo I just Rob a nigga and killed him 

Rell: and you came here wtf man you bring that shit to my family house

Wicket: you acting like a bitch nigga I need some were to lay low so we came here 

Rell: Ard man you lucky you my boy but why y'all didn't go to Donekka house 

Donekka: happens right down the street from my house so my shit hot

   Hour's later Donekka phone rings and its big E but she didn't want to tell them she was working for him because she knows wicket Rob & kills so she just act like it's a friend. 

Donekka: hello 

Big E: wassup shorty

Donekka:at Rell house

Big E: Rell ain't that yo that be with wicket

Donekka:yeah we at Rell house over west 

Big E: you down to set them nigga's up

Donekka: I mean it's whatever

Big E: drop the location

Donekka: Ard bet I'm text you the address

Big E: don't let me down 

 Yo Donekka who you was otp with wicket said , Donekka: oh that was just one of my home girl 

Wicket:ord I'm starving let get something to eat yo Rell you coming 

Rell: yeah let me tell my Baby Mother I'm going out bae I'm Rey dip so don't wait up 

Baby mother: okay be safe

As we were about to leave Rell house Donekka said let go to the Hazelwood end Ard bet we can go down there as we driving Donekka: texted big E the location and said meet us up there

Big E: said bet we Rey pull up 

Donekka: said Ard 

              20 minutes later we pulled up and got out of the car wicket said yo you strapped Rell said you already know dummy but I'm not for the bull shit tonight 

Wicket: yo Donekka you good you didn't say nothing the whole ride down here

Donekka: yeah I'm good bro bro 

Rell: yeah you sure was quite lol

Donekka: I said I was good

Big E: Donekka were y'all at 

Donekka: come out we out front 

        Minutes later big E and his mans come out the Hazelwood end shooting towards wicket and Donekka and Rell 

Next thing you know wicket and Donekka and Rell taking cover behind the car while shooting back at big E wicket mumbled under his breath that's big E the one I Rob shit real now 

             3 minutes after the shooting happened police sirens started sounding off so everyone left the seen 

Big E:text Donekka and said thanks home girl

Donekka: no problem fam 

As Donekka and Rell and wicket hopped back in Rell's car and fled the seen Rell .

 Big E :we finally got at that nigga wicket but I want him dead all that shooting and you nigga anit kill nobody

Kgr: they know not to fuck with us now 

Wicket: yo that the nigga I Rob a couple week ago 

Rell: fuck he was doing up there I never seen yo up there before

Wicket: I don't know bro 

Donekka: yeah that strange

Rell: it had to be a set up because its

Like they knew we were there 

Wicket:hell yeah bro

             Hours later the owner of the Hazelwood end call the police for a report of gunshot , hello I'm detective floyd what happened , owner I just heard gunshot and everyone screaming and running. Detective: do your camera work .owner yes I will get you the footage okay I'm Rey talk to some of witness so Ms what happened I seen to gentleman leave the club ass I was leaving then they open fire at some in front of the building did you hear anyone say something witness: No 

Detective: okay that all I need

                   Chapter 4

The next morning after all that happened Rell baby mother seen fox45 news bae what tf happened last night when you left Rell: nothing bae what you talking about

Babymother: the news said it was a shooting at the Hazelwood end when you start laining to me tf

Rell: bae idk what you talking about you coming at me like ik what going on in your head.

Babymother: w/e

Hours later phone Rell phone rings hello wassup bro wicked: you down for a 187 Rell: you already know bro I'm sliding Ayo why we otp wassup with Donekka she been acting strange lately

Wicket: ik right 

Rell: do me a favor watch that bitch we going to meet up at the spot in 10 minutes

Wicket: bet 

 As Rell  about to leave out of the house he noticed that Donekka never texted his phone or call she probably scared,as I'm driving to meet wicket at the spot I happened to see Donekka walking with one off big E homies from the shooting the other night so I pulled out my phone call Donekka calling Donekka 2-3 minutes no answer she just look at the phone and kept waking so I try to call again hello Donekka answer wassup where  you at Rell said oh I'm with my homegirl Donekka said oh okay Rell said back have fun. wicket calling wicket 

Wicket: hello what's good bro I'm Rey pull up

Rell: I just seen this bitch Donekka with big E homies so I say we snatch one of the nigga tonight 

Wicket: Ard bet we got something for that snake bitch.

Big E: call the homie kgr calling the homie kgr

Kgr: hello wassup big homie

Big E: bring Donekka to spot tonight we going to jump her in

Kgr: bet 

      As we both pulled up to the spot at the same time yo wassup bro Rell said wicket: wassup up puppy nuts

Rell: laughing out loud you trying to be me and shit 

Wickit:  what ever 

Rell: so how are we going to get one of big E homies 

Wicket: man the shit Easy remember that bitch Amber she going to set that nigga up then we going to kid nap him 

Rell: Ard bet I'm with it

   5 hours later 

Amber: hello is this kgr

Kgr: yeah this him who this 

Amber: this Amber from Hazelwood end remember

Kgr : oh hell yeah I remember was boo

Amber: nothing trying to see you 

Kgr:Ard bet meet me at the American best hotel

Amber: okay omw call wicket calling wicket 

Wicket: hello

Amber: yeah I got the scoop on one of big E homies he at the American best hotel room 8

Wicket:bet we five minutes away keep him comfortable

Amber: okay sweetie

As we pulled up to the American best hotel we walked in the hotel and got on the elevator yo Rell push button 8 Ard as we getting off the elevator walk toward the door knock knock 

Amber:who is it 

Rell: room service.

Boom Amber brains flue on the wall

As soon as kgr seen what was happening wicket already had him at gun point nigga don't move Rell tie this nigga up as Rell tie him up wicket ask him how you Know Donekka 

Kgr: I'm not tell you shit 

We figured you say I'm about to kill this nigga Rell said nah chill nigga we need him for information then kill him Ard let get out of here put the nigga in the trunk and take him to Creek Rell Said

         Hour's later after beating up big E homies kgr finally came clean about how Donekka new them , she was working for big E for years now 

Wicket: thought to himself like that how they knew we were up there

Rell:  hell yeah bro we gonna kill this bitch 

As we were leaving the spot to drop this nigga kgr off in  big E hood all fucked up and bleeding and naked 

Big E: yo who car is that homie

Homies: idk big homie let go see 

Big E: strap up it look like them nigga up to something

As big E and his homies approaching the car they notice the car started up and pulled off real fast next thing they know they see kgr tied up and bleeding and naked 

Big E: yo wtf happen to u homie 

Kgr: I got set up 

Big E: bye who

Kgr: Amber from Hazelwood end but she dead them nigga's killed her 

Big E: did you get a look at they face 

Kgr: nah but one of they names was Rell

Big E: how you know

Kgr: the nigga that was with said his name 

Big E: Ard bet as big E thought to him self like that them same nigga we shot at them nigga got to die

A hour later big E called Donekka yo stay away from them nigga they might got something out kgr about you working for me  

                   Chapter 5

That weird Donekka said I didn't here from wicket or Rell I hope they don't know I set them up I'm Rey call them

Donekka pull out her phone call wicket

Calling wicket.

Wicket: hello wassup Donekka where you been at 

Donekka: oh I just been chilling bro bro with my nigga 

Wicket: bitch you gay

Donekka: oh yeah lol

Wicket: you acting strange me and rell trying to meet up with you

Donekka Ard bet we going to meet up around the way

Wicket:ard bet 

Hour's later wicket called Rell but he didn't answer so wicket left him a voicemail 2 minutes later Rell return wicked call fuck it is puppy nuts wicket you funny as shit but we meeting up with Donekka later so we can smoke that snake bitch already bro you know I'm with the dumb shit 


Donekka call big E and tell him that Rell and wicket trying to meet up with him later what should I do 

Big E: bitch is you crazy they going to try and kill you 

Donekka: Ard bet wya I'm trying to come through

Big E: I'm with my kids so just meet up with the homie kgr

Donekka: Ard bet I call you later

Big E: Ard 1

    To be continued 

As Rell and wicket load up there semi automatic handgun wicket call Donekka but she didn't answer a yo Rell this bitch didn't answer she probably caught on to us fuck it we just going have to fine her Rell said with a evil smile

Wicket: a yo bria still live around the way

Rell: yeah I'm Rey call her and see if she seen Donekka so I pulled out my phone call bria calling bria

Bria: hello wassup zaddy

Rell: I don't got time for that you seen Donekka

Bria: damn know hello

Rell: hello now did you see Donekka

Bria: yeah she with that bum nigga kgr

Rell:Ard bet thanks I might slide over later

Bria: okay be safe

Rell:okay wicket I just got drop on Donekka she with kgr that nigga we kid napped Ard bet finish loading up we Rey slide


3 hours later 

Donekka and kgr walking around white marsh mall while wicket in the food court watching them and Rell following behind them keep a low profile, waiting for them to leave , Donekka said you ready kgr they don't have nothing I want here so let's go somewhere else wicket notice they left so he get up trying to see where they went but Rell was already on they ass so as Donekka and kgr walking towards the car Rell send shots to the back of Donekka head and hitting kgr and in the face next thing you wicket stand over top of them and finishing them off with the hilo's from his gun 

2 second later 

People running and screaming

And someone called 911

911: what's your emergency 

Witness: it was just a shooting in the parking lot of white Marsh mall and it's to victim injured

911: okay a squad car is on their way 

3 minutes later 

Detective floyd and the officer and homicide arrived at the seen as they got out the car they see the 2 victim on the ground it's look like one is still alive detective floyd ask were the witness who called in the shooting  she over there by the ambulance as detective floyd walk toward the witness he noticed one of the same shell that was used in the same crime hello I'm detective floyd what did you see witness it was dark but I seen to suspect shot them and run off the witness said okay did you see there face detective floyd said witness know it was dark and they had Mass on okay that all for now  detective floyd said

Then next morning Rell and wicket was watching fox45 new hi I'm detective floyd apparently there was a homicide at white marsh mall parking lot a male was shot and killed and a female was shot but she is in critical condition anybody with information call 180 lock up and whoever did this we going to find you

                        Chapter 6

As wicket was driving down the street he noticed the police were  following him so he quickly hit the right turn next thing you know the police turned right with him so he panick and started speeding and the police turn on his siren and Chase him 2 blocks up Frankfort Ave and called for back while wicket getting chase he pulled out his phone and call Rell come on come on  answer hello Rell said yo I'm get chase my nigga I might be going down so stay by the phone Ard Rell said as wick continue speed from the police his car died so he jumped out his car and ran on foot and drop the gun while he was running police officer said fries wicket continue to run into he was shot in the leg, hours later wicket was taken into custody.

10 minutes later detective floyd is in the room with wicket so you the one out there causing all that racket we got you now detective floyd said wicket I'm not telling you shit detective floyd said you don't have to tell us nothing we got the murder weapon you dropped and your and you responsible for the 2 muders plus attempt murder you going down buddy wicket: fuck you pussy can I get my phone call 

Detective: yeah you got 10 minutes

Wicket: you have a collect call from wicket do you accept the charges

Rell: yes

Wicket: hello yo they got me on muder charges they try to say I killed two people plus attempt muder 

Rell: damn my nigga keep your head up

Detective floyd: okay times up 

Wicket: Ard yo I gotta go stay up out there I call you once I got a court date

The next morning Rell woke up and his Baby Mother was on some bullshit as usual we're tf you been you keep coming in the house all late I was with wicket he locked up I got a call from him yesterday he facing muder charges  baby mother good he was trouble anyways look bae I don't want to fuss with you put your clothes on we Rey go out to eat 

As Donekka recovering from her injuries detective floyd walked in the room and said we got the man who did this to you and your friend in custody we going to need you to testify when you better or feeling up to it get well soon and I be in touch okay Donekka said 

Donekka: called for the nurse she ask can she have her phone so she can call big E as the nurse gave her the phone she called big E 

Big E: hello you good shorty I heard what happened we going to get them nigga 

Donekka: to late wicket locked up the detective just came and told me 

Big E: but that nigga Rell not 

Donekka: we are going to get him when I get better but I want to pull the trigger 

Big E: fuck that I'm Rey ride on this nigga tonight

Donekka: no wait hello hello I know this nigga did not just hang up on me 

As big E was coming up with a plan to kill Rell tonight he really wanted wicket but he can't get to him so I'm kill Rell

One of big E homies said yo boss I'm with whatever when we going to do this

Big E: tonight soon as we find this nigga 


As Rell and his Baby Mother out eating at red lobster Rell daydreaming as his Baby Mother talking to him bae bae do you hear me oh I'm sorry what Rell said I said what you going to do now that wicket lock up 

Rell: I don't Know I got to scrape up some change for him

Baby mother: don't do nothing stupid

As Rell drop his baby mother of to the house Ard bae I gotta go handle something Ard bae be careful no question Rell said next thing you know I get a call from Maryland correctional facility you have a collect call from head honcho do you accept the charges

Rell: yes hello what's good nigga

Head honcho: wassup my nigga I'm Rey get out in a couple of day I need you to come get me 

Rell: Ard bet 

Head honcho: already bro love your dumb ass 


6 hours later we bring you breaking news we caught the white marsh shooter he is now in custody and is being held without bail detective floyd said 


                  Chapter 7 

As Rell went around the way to think bria for giving him the scoop on Donekka bria I got something for you

Bria: what is it 

Rell: it's a diamond necklace

Bria: thanks stink no problem

Rell: so what you trying to get into 

Bria: it doesn't matter

3 minutes later Rell couldn't believe his eyes as he see big E and his homies walk down the street they both locked eyes Rell thought to his self like nigga don't even think about  it while he clutching on his strap yo That's fuck up what y'all did to Donekka to bad you going die over that shit big E said, Rell fuck you pussy I'm not ducking no rack 

Big E: it's on site next time I see you nigga 

Rell: as I walked off my phone rings you have a collect call from wicket do you accept the charges

Rell: yes what good nigga 

Wicket : cooling I need a blunt bad in a mother fuckker

Rell: lol so what they talking about 

Wicket: they got 2 witness

Rell: drop the name 

Wicket: they not trying to tell me who they are 

Rell: you good bro you need something

Wicket: yeah cash app me 150 so I can get to packs of cigarettes

Ard: bet 

As Rell walk to the blue store around the way to get some Dutch's  and some Henny a pops let me get a lighter to as I was leaving the store I noticed a black Honda so I started to grip my gun and whipped out next thing you know window rolling down and loud shot went off boom ,boom as I fired back at them I got hit with one of the bullets they shot at me oh shit this nigga hit me I Harry up and ran around the back of the store called bria yo come get me I'm shot 

Bria: okay I'm omw 

Rell: I'm at the blue store in the back

Bria: okay I'm pulling around back now

As Rell hop in bria car bleed bria like omg what happened that bitch as nigga big E shot me I'm kill this nigga fr 

Bria: come down I need to get you to the hospital. 

Rell: bitch is you crazy they would have to call something in like that  to the police if you take me to the hospital

Just take me to your house and get me clean up 

10 minutes later we get to bria house she clean my gunshot wound  thanks bria I appreciate this bria you got it boo it nothing really bria said


Bria I'm leaving said Rell I gotta check on my baby mother she left me 30 messages I talk to you in the morning okay bria said as I walk out of bria house hop in my car and turn on the radio and bump the whole way back over west 15 minutes later I pulled up at my house and got out of the car and walk in the house baby mother gave me 100 bars were the fuck you been tf you show off what bitch got your attention

Rell: you geeking bae I was taking care of business

Babymother: oh taken care of make you bleed

Rell: yes shit got real around the way look bae I don't feel like arguing let's go up stairs as we walking up the stairs I strip but naked and walk straight toward the shower and turned the shower on and hop in next thing you know bae get in we start kissing hugging then I Bent her over and put my 8 inch in her she started going crazy like fuck me fuck me I want you to bus all over my face daddy

After they had amazing sex they both fell asleep

Finally out of the hospital Donekka said as she was getting discharge she pulled out her phone and call big E yo come get me 

Big E: Ard bet 

Donekka: I'm out front

Big E: I'm Rey pull up 

As Donekka walking out of the elevator towards the front door she see big E out there sitting in a Ben's truck 

Donekka: yo when you get this 

Big E: I just cop it but fuck all that you know we got a that nigga Rell for you 

Donekka: oh word 

Big E: yeah 

As big E and Donekka was leave to go to a cookout at bria house 10 minutes later we arrive at bria house knock knock bria : who is it , it Donekka and big E come in it open bria said the party is in the backyard 

That afternoon as Rell set in the basement with thoughts on his mind of killing big E and Donekka next thing you know Rell phone vibrate it's bria yo Donekka and big E here right now get over here if you trying to get at this nigga Rell Ard bet I'm omw  to be continue…

                        Chapter 8

As Rell gather all his thoughts together he started to put on his clothes were you going his Baby Mother said I'm going to bria party Rell said I'm coming, she said Ard Harry up I'm not trying to be late Rell said out loudly

Rell: pulled out his phone call bria calling bria

Bria:hello .

Rell: I'm on my way I got my baby mother with me is big E still there 

Bria: yeah and why you bring that bitch 

Rell: look I don't have time for this shit 

20 minutes later Rell and his Baby mother pulled up to bria house as we got out the car and walk to the front 

Bria: open the door like welcome

Rell: wassup

Babymother: hello

As we walked through the house Rell said he left something in the car so Rell turned around to walk back towards the front door as he was leaving out the house he was sneaking around the side to see if he see big E and Donekka around back, in 3 second his started ring it was wicket he looked at it and said not now and put his phone back in his pocket and he pulls out his Uzi and open fire on everybody in the backyard as he shooting donekka was hit and 3 other people next thing you know Rell heard sirens approaching so he hop in the car and left his baby mother.

  Bria: hop on the phone and called 911

  911: what's your emergency

Bria: there was a shooting at my party 4 people is hurt

911: okay Ms Police and a detective is on the way with an ambulance

Bria: okay my address is Moravia

 Minutes later the cops and detective arrive so as we walked to the house hello I'm detective floyd and this is officer good snatch we would like to know what happened

Bria: I don't know it all happened so fast

Detective floyd: officer good snatch go search the perimeter for any suspect while I talk to the witness so who was all here detective floyd said 

Bria: just a couple friends from the neighborhood

Detective floyd: who would want to shoot up your party you got any enemies

Bria: not that I know of

Officer good snatch: boss the close is clear

Detective floyd: Ard we will be in touch

As the ambulance pick all 4 victims up to take them to area hospitals we're one later die a 23 year old woman the other in critical condition  

So that evening big E and the homies was piss that nigga Rell shot at them like that so big E was like I got 10 bans for who ever bring me his head

As bria and Rell baby mother sit in the living room she like I can't believe he left me down here like that 

Bria: he probably had to do something

Babymother: like what we were supposed to come down here for a good time 

Bria: I Know

Baby mother: who was that maniac

Bria: thought to herself like bitch that was your Baby father

As Rell was laying low waiting for head honcho to call so he can pick him up from jail because he was alone soldier on the streets he didn't have wicket Donekka switch up so he need head honcho 


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