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Chapter 9

You have a collect call from head honcho do you accept the charges

Rell: yes wassup bro

Head honcho: I'm getting out in 15 minutes just leave the house now and meet me at the facility 

Rell: Ard bet

As Rell getting ready to leave the house the house his baby mother calling his phone 

Rell: hello 

Baby mother: I can't believe you left me we're are you 

Rell: I'm around why

Baby mother: what do you mean why I wanted to make sure you was okay

Rell: yeah I will call you later

Baby mother: okay

As Rell hop in the car to go pick up head honcho he started to think about wicket as he pulled up head honcho was walking out the gates with a big smile on his face and hop in the car 

Rell: welcome my nigga

Head honcho: already let go get something to eat

Rell: Ard what you got in mind

Head honcho: red lobster

As we make our way to red lobster yo Rell it's been five years I need some money Rell: what you got in mind head honcho: let hit a couple licks oh yeah before I forget I ran into wicket in there 

Rell:oh yeah how he doing 

Head honcho: yeah 

As we ate at red lobster yo I'm Rey take you shopping head honcho: ard

As big E and the homies getting ready for Donekka funeral one of the homies said you think that nigga Rell going to show up 

Big E: if he knows what's good for him he wouldn't

As we walked into to Donekka funeral

Big E: told one of the homies stay outside just in case that nigga Rell show up

As they continue walking in big E was looking around to see if he see Rell but there was no sign of him as the funeral was over big E ran into an old girlfriend

He suggested they go back to his places

Ashley: okay I'm with it 

Big E: Ard bet soon as the funeral over 

 Hours later Ashley and big E left together as they drove to big E house and walked in big E said Alexa play I'm beat the pussy up as Ashley starts walking towards me taken off her panties next thing you know she on her knees sucking me off 4 second later I turned her around and bent her over doggy style and put it in her ass as she screaming oh daddy fuck the shit out of me 

Hours later Rell and Head honcho left the mall and went to Rell house to smoke 15 minutes later we pulled up at Rell house as we hopped out of the car and started walking in the house Head honcho was like damn nigga this how you living 

Rell: yeah bro them licks pay off

Head honcho: I'm glad you said that wassup I'm trying to hit a lick when we finish smoking

Rell:Ard bet 

3 hours later Rell and Head honcho was on there way to hit a lick as we were riding down the street head honcho notice 4 young cat's on the corner spend around real quick as we Parked the car we hopped out with mass on and ran down on the dudes on the corner yeah y'all Know what time it is kick that shit out as they give everything to Rell and Head honcho they take off and hop back in the car and S out  real fast 

Head honcho: I like the way you did that 

Rell: nigga I anit new to this shit 

Head honcho: lol drop me off at my mother crib 

                      Chapter 10

The next morning Rell got a call from bria complaining for shooting up her party I need to see you. as Rell was leaving the house to go see bria his phone started to ring hello you have a collect call from wicket do you accept the charges

Rell: yes I accept

Wicket: fuck you doing bro I need you to cash app me 300

Rell: Ard bet so what they talking about 

Wicket: that I should take a deal 

Rell: what the deal

Wicket: life with a Chance of parole

Rell: don't take no deal I'm getting you a lawyer 

Wicket: Ard bet 

 As Rell pulled up out of bria house she standing there smoking a blunt and she scream out hey Daddy as we walk into the house Rell said you heard anything about that nigga big E  is that all you came over here for or is you going to bus on my face I just want to know if you seen him shhhh you talk to much as she begin to suck me off all crazy next thing you know bria got a text like you trying to set up this Rell bria got off her knees to reply like yeah it's not going to be free

Big E: 25thousand enough

Bria: now you speaking my language

Big E: where he at 

Bria: he right here right now I'm just leave the door unlocked so just walk in

Big E: Ard bet y'all load up we got some business to handle as we leaving heading over bria house to kill Rell

12 minutes later we pull up at bria house to y'all run around back and you come through the front door with me as we kick the door in and started shooting Rell jumpdip over the couch and started shooting back into big E homie ran into through the back door shooting Rell 5 times I got him big homie 3 minutes later police speed down the street as big E and the homies running out the back door as the police and ambulance got out of the car and ran into the house fries bria said they ran out the back what happened detective floyd said idk I was in the kitchen and I heard someone kick the door in and came in shooting and they shot my friend as the ambulance put Rell in took Rell to the hospital to treat him for his wounds 

That evening fox45 came on hi I'm detective floyd there was a shooting on annatana Ave and the victim was shot 5 times but is stable anyone with information call 1 800 lock up

The next morning Head honcho woke up to the news that Rell was shot so he went to the hospital to visit him hi I'm here to see Rell he down the hall in room 5 okay yo wassup my nigga you good

Rell: yeah I'm cool I can't believe this shit idk how they knew I was there 

Head honcho: where was you?

Rell: bria house 

Head honcho: then that who did it 

Rell: yo do me a favor keep an I on her

Head honcho: already bro

As head honcho was on his way to bria house to pay her a surprise visit as he pulled up she was out front he rolled down the window and empty the clip on her and S of 3 minutes the neighbors heard gunshots and call the police hello 911 I would like to report a shooting on annatana Ave okay Ms detective floyd on the way and an ambulance ok

As the police arrive to the seen detective floyd said this the same house that had a shooting the other day and he noticed that it was the female that own this house was found dead 

Chapter 11

The next morning Rell called head honcho like bro wassup ik you didn't do that I told you that I wanted to do it 

Head honcho: bro you not the only nigga that get they hands dirty 

Rell: so but I told you not to don't get shit fucked up I'm still running shit 

Head honcho: I Know bro I did that shit for you 

Rell: already 

10 minutes later the nurse said you being release okay, Ard bro I'm gone

Rell: damn you not going to wait for me

Head honcho: nah I got shit 2 do 

Rell: Ard

As Rell getting discharge from the hospital he called his baby mother

Baby Mother:hello

Rell: come get me 

Babymother: okay 

As Rell wait for his baby mother out front of the hospital 5 minutes later she pull up hey bae 

Rell: wassup take to my mom's house

As we drove to my mom's house Rell got a call from the Maryland correctional facility do you accept the charges 

Rell: yes 

Wicket: hello wassup bro I seen the news you good

Rell: yeah man that bitch nigga big E shot me but I got something for his ass

Wicket: already bro who you with

Rell: my baby mother

Wicket: tell her I said wassup

Baby mother: hello 

Wicket: Ard bro I'm call you tomorrow

Rell: you good you need anything

Wicket: not at the moment 

As my Baby mother drove me to my mother's house she notices I wasn't saying nothing she thought to herself like I got to be here for him he going through so much  5 minutes later we pulled up at momma t house as we get out and walk to the front door knock knock 

Momma T: who is it 

Rell: your son 

Oh hey baby momma miss you how you doing and holding up

Rell good I guess I gotta get something out the basement

Momma T: how you doing baby

Babymother: find and yourself

Oh my old stink ass is find as Rell in the basement looking for that money he put up and the guns he left next thing you know he gets a call from head honcho yo where you at 

Rell: my mom's house 

Head honcho: I'm Ready come get you 

Rell: I thought you had to take care of something

Head Honcho: I'm done now 

Rell: pick me up in an hour

As Rell have lunch with momma T and Baby mother 3 minutes later boy when are you going to marry this girl look mom don't start this shit   boy don't you talk back to me yes ma'am I gotta go my ride out front

Babymother: we're are you going 

Rell: to handle business

Baby mother: okay I be waiting for you to get back 

Rell: okay 

As I walk out front Head Honcho pull up get in I got the drop on that nigga big E stash house you trying to hit it 

Rell: you already hopefully that mother fuckker there so I can kill him , as we were on our way to big E stash house 3 minutes later we pulled up you ready you Know it 1,2,3 boom they kick in the door with a gun in they hand nobody move we're that work at Rell said out loud i don't know wrong answer (boom boom ) now that we got y'all intention were the work and the money it's up stairs in the bathroom under the sink

See now was that hard I got let be out 


3 minutes later yo I can't believe this shit big E going to kill us yo why you tell them we're the work was at like you know he is going to kill you right I'm Rey call him and tell him what happened call big E calling big E

Big E: hello 

Homie: we got Rob

Big E: fuck you mean we got Rob

Homie: they took everything

Big E: fuck who told them we're the money was at 

Homie : ik right and the new kid we had recruited 

Big E: you know what to do 

Homie: already (boom,boom) pussy 

As we went to head honcho house to count this money and break the bricks down to sell we on now nigga man that nigga wasn't there 

Head Honcho: who 

Rell: that nigga big E

Head Honcho: don't even worry about we going to get him

Rell: already 

That morning As wicket was getting ready for court his lawyer came in the room and said there's no way you walking out of here without the life sentence sorry body the best thing I can do is get you life with a Chance of parole Wicket: fuck as I walk in the court room to look around to see if my nigga's was there and no body was there all rise you can be seated  the state of Maryland vs wicket how do the defendant plea guilty your honor to first degree muder

And handgun charges  I now sentence you life with the chance of parole.

Chapter 12

That morning rell phone ring you have a collect call from wicket a inmate at the Maryland correctional facility to accept the charges press 0 now thanks you for useing global tel Link

Rell: hello wassup my nigga you good

Wicket : nah they gave me life with the chances of parole

Rell: damn my nigga you need anything

Wicket: some clothes

Rell: Ard bet

As Rell hop out the bed to get dressed word on the street was this nigga big E was having a house party so I called Head Honcho like yo you trying togo to a party

Head Honcho: we're at

Rell: that nigga big E shit

Head Honcho: you want to go to that nigga house party after we just Rob his stash house

Rell: yeah just to see what the word is on the street

Head Honcho : Ard you crazy mother fucker

As I was leaving my house to meet up with Head Honcho I got in my car and turn on the radio and nba came on I bumped that the whole way over East 6 minutes later I pulled up at Head Honcho house (beap beap) yo here I come my nigga as Head Honcho hopped in the car yo let hit the corner store for some rello and some drink as I get out the car and Walk in the store a pops let me get 4 back woods and a pack of fugs and some Hennessy

Pops: $25.60

As walked out the store loud out loud out the young kid said as I walked to the car to drop my stuff off and turned back towards the kid kick that shit out you Know what time it is Ard yo chill

Rell: fuck you doing man leave that kid alone

Head Honcho: fuck out here now we don't have to pay for no weed

Rell : call some bitches up

Head Honcho: I'm call Monaca and Jasmine and see if they try to do something strange for a lor Peace of change call Monaca calling Monaca

Monaca: hello

Head Honcho: Wassup we're you at

Monaca: in the house with my home girl Jasmine

Head Honcho: Ard bet me and my mans trying to come through

Monaca: Ard that a bet I'm at the American best hotel

Head Honcho: Ard we on our way

As we driving to the American best hotel the most dirt's spot ever but at the same time fuck it we Rey get some pussy as we pull up and walked to the girl room they was ass naked when we walked in the room next thing you know they through us on the bed and rod us crazy and gave us head. 3 hours later we driving back around the way so we can make it to big E house party


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