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Each one has their place
And each their own space 
Yet - in many ways they are connected 
We can use them all for our lives projected

The past cannot be changed 
It’s already out of range 
For its a guide we should not hide
To help us rearrange 

Past successes and mistakes are our experiences -valuable when needed 
Ready to be called upon-when heeded

The present is our reality- the way we live right now
The things that must be done and then have 
time for fun -our daily menu 

The future is tricky and  important to connected with the other two
If we look too far into the future and lose focus  on today It could distort plans selected and they may go astray

When  considering your direction
For your progress and protection 
To use these views most wisely  
To gain result most timely

When life is designed with thought
The battles won and and lost
Fo you and family 
To live  life happy and free


  • Nov 24, 2019

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